Dallas Daycare Negligence Attorney Answers The Three Most Asked Questions Pertaining Daycare Lawsuits In Texas As Well As Informing Parents On Their Rights

What Is A Daycare Lawsuit In Texas?

A lawsuit against a daycare facility in Texas when one of your children are injured serves two purposes. The first is to deter that type of conduct from happening again so that another child is not injured in the same way at that facility or by that teacher. Deterrence in these cases is achieved by holding the daycare responsible for the damages caused to your kid.

The daycare must have done something negligent or said differently, the daycare must have violated a daycare safety rule and had that safety rule been followed it would have more likely than not prevented what happened to your child.

Will The State Of Texas Still Investigate If We Pursue a Daycare Case?

Yes, the State of Texas will still conduct their own investigation from a criminal perspective as well as a violation of daycare safety codes (similar to a building not meeting building code standards). However, neither of these avenues allow for the actual victim, which is the kid and the kids' parents, to be made whole. That is where the daycare lawsuit comes into play. Follow the link provided to find out How To Hold The Daycare Responsible For Your Childs Injury.

What Damages Are Allowed Under The Law In Dallas Daycare Cases?

In daycare cases, we seek medical expenses in the past and future, lost work for the parents to care for the child, mental anguish for the kids and physical impairment of their daily activities. There are numerous examples as these are the legal terms but we make sure to bring the case to cover all forms of damages that your family has and is allowed under law. We prepare every aspect of the case to show the true impact of the injury and the resulting damages on the family, the parents, the child and their everyday life.

Each case is different and the injuries affect each kid and their family differently. Thus, we make sure to independently analyze each injury and the effect it has had on the family. For example, in some cases where the child has been left in a dark closet or outside alone for hours, the kids will have severe separation anxiety and abandonment issues. It will not show itself in physical ways, except possibly wetting the bed or crying uncontrollably, but these are signs of a serious injury to us. An injury does not only have to be a broken bone or a brain injury. It can be emotional and mental as well.

If your child is receiving or has received medical treatment for their daycare injuries, you may have to pay the medical providers back or reimburse them under the law for injuries caused by a third-party. If you have health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare that covers your child’s injuries, they will need to be paid back for what was paid out for injuries related to the case, which is also called subrogation or reimbursement. We handle this as it is complex and can be time-consuming as there are a lot of hoops to jump through.

Why Does The Button Law Firm Do Daycare Negligence Cases?

The Button Law Firm believes in its purpose for handling the cases where children have been injured at a daycare in Dallas. First, we pursue these cases to ensure that proper safety systems are put in place so it doesn't happen to another child and impact their family. Second, we make sure that the family of our clients receives closure on what specifically happened to them.

Russell grew up in a household where both his parents worked full time. Thus, Russell went to daycare facilities his entire life. When he became a trial lawyer, Russell wanted to make sure that all parents that put their kids in daycare would have peace of mind that those facilities are safe and staffed with qualified and trained childcare providers. The Button Law Firm will not stop until all daycare facilities put safety over profits and take care of the kids as though their parents would.

Want To Learn More About What To Do When Your Child Was Injured At A Dallas Daycare?

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a Dallas daycare facility, reach out to us at 214-888-2216. Our daycare negligence team is ready to handle all your needs and answer any questions you may have. You can also fill out our Contact Us form on our website with any questions you may have. When your child is hurt, the last thing you want to do is deal with the legal side. Let us guide you through that process so you can focus on your child’s medical treatment and your family.

If you feel that you are not ready to speak to an attorney, make sure to check out our FREE parent's guide on how to deal with a daycare injury. It will tell you all the correct steps you'll need to take, as well as answering most parent's questions on daycare negligence and abuse. 

Check it out: A Five-Step Guide For Parents Dealing With A Daycare Injury.

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