Trucking experts help teach the complex aspects of a trucking case to the jury, like a professor. Texas Trial Lawyer gives a few of the ones we have used in the past.

Why Do Truck Wrecks Need Experts?

Not every case needs experts, but a trucking case commonly has a need for experts because of the various liability concerns. Some aspects of trucking cases are very simple. Such as:

1) Was the driver qualified?

2) Was the driver trained?

3) Was the driver supervised?

However, some of the aspects within those easy to understand rules may require an expert. For example, if you have a driver that was clearly not qualified, we may bring in a safety / transportation industry expert. Said another way, we will bring in an expert that knows the federal laws that trucking companies must follow when insuring a driver is qualified and use them to show how the driver that caused the wreck in your case was not qualified. These are some examples of the things that we do, and these steps that we take, allows us to be prepared and represent our clients as best as we can. Having the right experts involved, points out to the court that the truck company and driver violated the rules and are at fault. Making sure that all the right pieces are placed in the right spots, are the difference between winning a case or losing a case. If the process is done incorrectly, you are at risk of losing Hundreds of Thousands and more importantly the justice for you or a loved one may end up not being served.

The Most Common Trucking Expert Used Is...

Most trucking cases involve an accident reconstructionist. There are a couple reasons for this, but the big one is that it may be tough to explain exactly how this wreck happened. Because of the magnitude of damage typically involved when a tractor trailer hits a passenger vehicle, we may not be able to tell at what speeds it happened, who hit who first, etc.

Also, an accident reconstructionist is great to show us point of view and visibility angles of the truck driver. For example, if a truck driver claims he or she could not have seen the car, we will go rent the identical sized truck and recreate the setting to see if the truck driver is lying. This has been beneficial in past cases where a truck driver tells us they could not see our client's vehicle when in fact it was clear as day. 

What Are Some Other Experts Used In Trucking Cases?

A mechanical expert is one that we will use if the cause of the wreck stems from faulty maintenance. For example, if a truck's brakes failed, was that because of a defective braking system or was that a lack of maintenance by the trucking company or truck driver? We want to know the answers to those questions and typically need a mechanic expert to answer those for us.

We also use truck drivers as experts to teach the jury what a safe truck driver should or should not have done in that particular instance and how that could have prevented the wreck. For example, if a driver switches lanes and crushes a car in its blind spot, what could the driver have done differently to see that driver in his blind spot? Could the truck driver have done a look down outside his window? Could the trucking company have installed additional mirrors? Was the driver on his phone violating the trucking rules and regulations?

Why Are Trucking Cases Important To The Button Law Firm?

We take trucking cases seriously because there are so many big trucks on the roads every day. If they are not held accountable when the trucking company or truck driver could have prevented a serious wreck, then it will continue to get worse. I developed my passion for trucking cases after representing an injured truck driver. He told me that he wanted nothing more than a safe industry - no one wants bad apples in their industry. I related to that and have pursued trucking cases ever since.

If you want to know more about how we handle trucking cases or how we can help on yours, give us a call at our Dallas or Midland offices or you can email me directly at [email protected] We are here to help because together we can make a difference.

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