Daycare Webinar For Parents Through The Button Law Firm

Is Your Child Safe At Daycare?

Please join The Button Law Firm for a FREE webinar series on Child Safety at Daycare. If you are a parent searching for a daycare or are interested in learning about child safety in Daycare, this seminar is essential. This seminar will bring awareness on the issues of child safety in Texas Daycare, teach parents how to spot red flags, and what to do in the event of an injury, neglect, or abuse.

Topics and Dates:

  • September 2019:
    • "11 Things To Look For In A Daycare"
      Presented by Russell Button and Ashley Washington of The Button Law Firm, Dallas, TX '

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  • October 2019:
    • "Doing Your Research - Texas Minimum Standards, What Information Is Out There And How To Find It." 
      Presented by Ashley Washington, Litigation Attorney at The Button Law Firm, Dallas, TX 
  • November 2019:
    • "5 Things To Do When A Child Is Injured At Daycare"
      Presented by Russell Button, Texas Trial Lawyer and Owner of The Button Law Firm, Dallas, TX 
  • December 2019: 
    • ​"Educate Yourself: Recognizing When Your Child is a Victim of Abuse" Presented by Cassie Limoges, Nurse Practitioner - Pediatric Critical Care

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