Our Truck Accident Client Testimonials

We know you want to learn all you can about us before hiring us to represent you in your truck accident case. We believe there is no better way to learn about our services than by reading what former clients have to say. Read our client testimonials to learn more.

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  • Within 6 months the case was settled.

    Two and a half years after our accident with an 18-wheeler, Russell and Ashely came on board to handle my case that had not seen much attention from the lawyers who originally took my case. Within six months the case was settled. Russell and Ashley care about their clients and work hard to help get what you deserve. 

    Sheila B. Trucking Accident From Harris County, TX
  • I will forever be grateful to him and his associates!

    I'm so thankful for The Button Law Firm. Today marks three years since I was hit by an 18 wheeler. For two and a half of those years, I was with another law firm needless to say nothing was accomplished. Russell came in and in six months got everything accomplished. Not only did he help me get what I deserved for me but he also helped me get rid of the guilt I felt from no cause of my own. I will forever be grateful to him and his associates! They treated me like a friend, coached me and after all the chaos of a 3-year long trial he was able to get things resolved in 6 months. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!  

    Shawna P. Trucking Accident Client from Harris County, TX
  • I recommend his services to anyone wanting quality legal representation.

    The Button Law Firm was super helpful for my case. They always made me feel important. Russell even went out of his way to come from Texas to my state of Arizona to work on the case in order to make things easier for me. I really appreciated the attention and care they gave me in my time of need. They helped me understand what was going on and I knew I could ask them for help anytime. I recommend his services to anyone wanting quality legal representation. 

    Barbara A. Trucking Accident Wrongful Death Client from Reagan County, TX
  • Russell was a hell of an attorney.

    Russell was a hell of an attorney. He did everything he could for my case. I have the upmost respect for him as an attorney.

    Kerry C., Commercial Truck Wreck Client from Emory, Texas
  • Russell was more hands on than anyone I’ve ever met.

    In the past, I’ve never spoken to an attorney directly, it was always the legal assistant. On a case I had a few years before this one, I never even met the attorney. Russell was more hands on than anyone I’ve ever met. He was very professional as well as down to earth and casual. He didn’t dress up in a suit and tie, wouldn’t show up to meetings in a three-piece suit with a big ego like most attorneys. When I spoke with his paralegal Teresa, it was always very cordial and helpful. Sometimes you can get people that are argumentative but she was not that way.  Convenience is word that comes to mind when I think of Russell and his team at The Button Law Firm. He worked around my schedule to meet with me rather than his time frame like other attorneys, even if it was after hours. He met my needs. The professionalism he showed was one of his greatest qualities. I would definitely recommend Russell and The Button Law Firm to others. They are a friendly and comforting law firm.

    Francisco R., Commercial Vehicle Wreck Client from Midland, Texas