At our firm, "Doing more to keep you moving forward" is not just a mantra; it's the heartbeat of our mission. These words encapsulate the very essence of our commitment to our clients. We understand that life can become overwhelmingly complex in the aftermath of an injury or loss—whether resulting from an accident, abuse, or a workplace mishap. This upheaval can turn your world upside-down in an instant.

Facing the challenges of everyday life following such incidents can be an arduous task. Extended hospital stays or the inability to work may cast a prolonged shadow over you or your loved ones. At our firm, we refuse to let you endure this suffering alone. That's why we firmly believe in doing more—going beyond the ordinary—to ensure that you can navigate forward with resilience and renewed strength.

The Foundation of Our Firm

Our three pillars are our foundation—we continue to implement these into everything we do, even on a day-to-day basis.

Every one of our team members is passionate about the work they do. Our team understands the difference they can make in your life, and works hard every day to ensure that.

Communicating with us, no matter what way, is key in helping us help our clients. 

In every case we work on, we want to make sure our clients receive justice. It is important that whoever has wronged our client has been held accountable for their actions.

What Do We Stand For?

You have goals and expectations for your personal injury or wrongful death claim, and we want to make sure we meet and exceed those. At the Button Law Firm, we strive to provide you with all the information you need to become informed of your rights and know what happened to you.

Our Core Values

Family and Team
Our team is an extension of our family. We are all a part of a community and believe when our team, our families, and our community work together, we will all make a difference.

Make a Difference
We focus on making a difference in three ways: First, we will take care of our clients and their loved ones. Second, we will make our community a safer place. Third, we will fight to change and improve the laws of our state and nation.

Knowledge is power. Everyone deserves access to powerful information. We will always expand our skills and knowledge in order to serve our community well. Our team puts in the work to take what we learn and turn it into opportunities for empowering others.

Keep it Simple
Our team is dedicated to our core values. It is our responsibility to take the complicated and make it simple. We will work hard to keep things simple, lead with clarity, and stay focused on what matters so that we will never lose sight of our purpose.

Believe in Better
Everyone has a right to believe in better. We will be the leaders of change by encouraging more innovative thinking, creating a culture of positivity, and making the change now for the future of tomorrow.

How Do We Help Our Clients?

We focus 100% of our attention on personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our clients include anyone seriously injured in car wrecks, truck wrecks, inadequate security, daycare negligence or abuse, and numerous other causes of serious injury. We also represent the families of anyone killed in any of the ways above as well as by a drunk driver, negligent truck driver, or unsafe apartment complex. 

The bottom line is when life has hit you the hardest, we are here for you to handle your case, represent you or your loved ones, and help you through this difficult time to achieve closure and make sure it doesn't happen to the next person or family.

We also consider our referral lawyers our clients because they are part of the team. Without our referral lawyers, we would not get any of the clients that they refer. Since personal injury and wrongful death claims are all we do, our referral lawyers typically do other areas of law or only handle pre-litigation cases. 

Russell built his team to pursue his #1 passion, which is being a trial lawyer. The Button Law Firm will take on cases involving commercial litigation or other unique cases where a trial is required. Due to the unique talent and approach that we take to our cases, we routinely get asked to come in at the end right before trial to finish the case, which is the ultimate compliment from other lawyers. Whether you are a lawyer looking to refer a client over or hire Russell to take your case to trial, The Button Law Firm has a team ready to meet those needs.

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The Button Law Firm is at the top of the list when it comes to providing its clients with information to understand their claim, the process, and their rights. We want you to be as involved as you want to be. This is your case. We need you to trust us that we know what we are doing, but we know how important it is for you to see what we see. In the end, we approach each case as a team with specific roles. 

Explore our story to determine if our of experience, diverse backgrounds, and legal principles align with your ideal law firm. Our commitment is unwavering in every case we undertake, and it's the sole approach we embrace because it allows us to get justice. Feel free to reach out via phone or email for additional details; we're prepared to assist you.

Dedication to our clients is the driving force behind everything we undertake. Any inquiries you may have, we welcome with open arms. We pledge to go above and beyond to propel you forward in your journey through life.

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