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Daycare InjuriesDaycare Injuries

An estimated 26% of children participate in a childcare-based program on a day-to-day basis while their parents are at work. This 26% deserves the best care and the best standards, because any time you leave your kids with someone else, you are trusting them with your child’s life. When your child is injured while in someone else’s care, that trust is shattered. If you are ever going to be able to trust another person to care for your child again, you are going to have to take action to hold the negligent daycare facility responsible for the harm that was done to your child. At the Button Law Firm, we are proud to represent families whose child has been injured either intentionally or by neglect in a Texas child care center.

Injuries in daycare settings are often caused by inadequate staffing or unqualified workers. If your child is hurt, we will investigate the cause and determine if the facility was as safe as it should have been. If we determine that the center and its employees caused your child’s injuries, we will hold them accountable and do our best to get you the compensation you deserve for your child’s suffering.

Child InjuriesChild Injuries

Children are unfortunately susceptible to serious injuries as they have not finished developing things like their bones, brains, and muscles. Additionally, kids do not have a full understanding of what poses danger to them. That’s why it’s essential that children are properly supervised by their caregivers and are kept in a safe facility when being taken care of by others.

But what happens when they’re not? Kids can get seriously hurt, causing life-long injuries that could have been avoided.

The Button Law Firm holds reckless, negligent, and irresponsible people and organizations accountable for their lack of care for children in their facilities. If your child has been wrongfully hurt, learn more about what steps you can take to get justice for them.

Auto AccidentsAuto Accidents

We understand the impact that a car or truck crash can have on your life and your loved ones. Car and truck wrecks leave people feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and alone. These feelings have ripple effects on our family life, our work life, and our social life. Yet, the reality is, life does not stop so you can take a moment to deal with things. 

The Button Law Firm provides you with a team of car wreck lawyers and victim advocates to help you keep moving forward. Our team is ready to help you and your loved ones. 

Personal InjuryPersonal Injury

Personal injury is a term thrown around a lot - but what exactly does it mean?

Our team breaks down what the term "personal injury" really means and how if affects people and their everyday lives. Whether that person was injured in a car wreck, at a store, or even at a daycare, it's important that they get justice for their injuries and can move forward. 

Wrongful DeathWrongful Death

Any sudden death of a loved one is a tragedy, but when that death was caused by the negligence or intentional harmful act of another person, it can be particularly difficult to come to terms with. When a person is killed in a car crash or in a workplace accident, the surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault party to recover damages for medical care, funeral expenses, and loss of income. Wrongful death claims are a way for grieving loved ones to hold the guilty party responsible for the harm he or she has caused.

At the Button Law Firm, we approach wrongful death claims with care and compassion. We are dedicated to getting you the justice you deserve and holding dangerous or irresponsible people accountable for their actions so that they do not harm another person. Contact us today to find out if you have cause for a wrongful death claim.

Premises LiabilityPremises Liability

What happens when you’re injured on someone else’s property? Injuries can range from slipping and falling in a grocery store or restaurant to suffering a dog or animal bite to injuring oneself at an apartment complex or a friend’s house to even experiencing an accident at a workplace, such as getting hit by a forklift.

These are called premises liability claims. If you have been injured because of an unsafe condition or hazard on another person’s property, our expert Texas premises liability lawyers can help you recover compensation for your injuries or losses.

Workplace Sexual HarassmentWorkplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment continues to happen in workplaces across America. Victims of sexual harassment are primarily women, facing things from unwanted advances to inappropriate comments. Sometimes, even when these acts have been reported, employees face retaliation, where they might be punished for reporting the harassment. Employees should not be scared of going to work - they are there to earn a living and provide for themselves and their families. We hold companies that don't take sexual harassment seriously accountable. Companies and employers must ensure that their employees can work in a safe environment without fear of being harassed. Learn more about how our team holds employers accountable for sexual harassment.

Boating AccidentsBoating Accidents

A day on the water can quickly turn dangerous when irresponsible boaters pose a threat to innocent people just trying to enjoy their time on their favorite waterway. Whether these irresponsible drivers are operating their boats recklessly or not following standard safety procures, like requiring their passengers to wear life vests, they can cause some real damage and heartache. These reckless boaters in Texas must be held accountable for their bad boating practices. 

Human Trafficking Victims and SurvivorsHuman Trafficking Victims and Survivors

Human and sex trafficking are horrific crimes. The scars from the emotional and physical trauma run deep for people who experience human trafficking. Our team of compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys will handle your case with all the understanding it deserves so that you can get justice, hold those responsible accountable, and help you move forward with your life.  

Workplace InjuriesWorkplace Injuries

If you or a loved one was injured on the job and your employer did not carry workers compensation, you have important legal rights you need to know about. If you have experienced this situation, you are not alone. In fact, 2.9 million individuals have been injured while on the job and were not compensated by their employers. These are called "non-subscriber" cases, which means that your employer elected not to have workers compensation. Any work place injury or death deserves a thorough investigation of all your rights and options. We want to provide you with the information to make the best decision for your case, your career, and your family. Read all our free information and give us a call with any questions you have. We are here for you.