Truck Accident AttorneysYou go to great lengths to keep your family safe, including driving a car with necessary safety features to protect your precious cargo. You buckle your kids in the right car seats and follow traffic laws to avoid deadly collisions. However, when an oil tanker comes up fast behind you on I-20, there is not much you can do to prevent a tragic accident. At that point, it is up to the truck driver to behave responsibly and avoid a crash. Unfortunately, far too many of these drivers are fatigued, impaired, distracted, or just plain incompetent, making a collision that much more likely. If you live in Texas, you have probably shared the road with plenty of commercial trucks, especially oil field vehicles such as tankers, winch trucks, swab rigs, and vacuum trucks. If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of one of these driver’s mistakes, you will need an experienced Texas truck crash attorney. You will need the Button Law Firm.

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At the Button Law Firm, we represent injured victims of truck crashes when a trucking company resists paying a settlement, but we also fight to compel that trucker or trucking company to make changes to ensure that another person is not harmed. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), when a truck crash occurs, it is often caused by one of the following contributing factors:

  • Driver fatigue. Drivers are required by federal law to limit the number of hours they drive in one stretch. However, many drivers ignore these rules and enter false information in the required hours-of-service logs. When a fatigued driver is behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, he is putting many lives at risk. In many cases, the driver’s employer has forced him to exceed hours-of-service limits and therefore shares the blame for a resulting accident.
  • Driver distraction. Long-distance truckers face many challenges, including boredom, loneliness, navigation problems, and logging requirements. Unfortunately, they often cope with these challenges by multi-tasking behind the wheel. Using a smartphone to have a video chat with a friend may help pass the time, but it also takes the driver’s attention off the road. Setting and following a navigation system is also distracting and can lead to an accident, as can logging hours and miles in a paper or electronic logbook. When a driver is in control of a 40-ton semi-truck, he should be fully focused on the task of driving.
  • Impaired drivers. While illegal drugs and alcohol account for some of the truck accidents that occur each year, more drivers are impaired by prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. When a trucker is pressured to deliver a load despite being sick, he may take medicines that cause drowsiness and inattention. Other drivers may abuse over-the-counter drugs in an attempt to stay awake. Mandatory drug testing following an accident can determine the cause of impairment, and an experienced attorney will make sure those tests are conducted.
  • Unqualified drivers. We are facing a major shortage of truck drivers across the U.S. right now. This can lead to trucking companies hiring drivers with poor driving records, a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or who are in poor health. While this is against federal law, it still happens, especially when companies are desperate to move freight. If the driver who caused your accident was not qualified to drive a truck, his employer might be partially to blame.
  • Poorly maintained trucks. Bad brakes and poor tires are the leading causes of vehicle failure accidents. When a driver fails to conduct mandatory inspections of his rig or trucking companies don’t follow up with routine maintenance, they send dangerous vehicles out on the roads. In these accidents, both the driver and the trucking company could be to blame.

No matter what caused the accident that left you injured or a loved one dead, we will investigate to determine who caused it and hold them responsible.

Call the Button Law Firm When You Have Been Injured in a Truck Crash

When you call the Button Law Firm immediately after your truck accident in Texas, we will preserve the evidence necessary to investigate the cause of the crash and pursue compensation from the negligent party or parties. Truck black boxes, hours-of-service logs, and the driver’s cell phone can all be examined for evidence of negligence on the part of the driver or trucking company. We will hold those responsible for the crash accountable for their actions.

Our mission is to create awareness and spark change in the industry to make our roads safer one case at a time. We fight to prevent any more unnecessary injuries and deaths caused by irresponsible truckers and trucking companies. Connect with us through the link on this page or call us at 214-888-2216.