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Let’s face it—daycare and after-school care are a fact of life for most families today. To make ends meet, both parents must work and need quality childcare for their pre-school-aged kids while they are at work. This can be more challenging for single parents, who have even less income to put towards the cost of daycare. To meet the demand and keep their services affordable, some daycare centers cut corners and create unsafe environments for the children they are supposed to be protecting. When choosing a daycare provider, it can be hard to know if the facility is a safe place for your child.

Our children are the most vulnerable members of our society. The Button Law Firm has a passion for keeping kids safe and holding caregivers accountable for every child they harm directly or through negligence or incompetence. Not only are we committed to making sure the injured child is compensated for his suffering, but we also want to send a message to the childcare provider that we will not accept dangerous conditions that harm children. When your child is injured or neglected in a daycare facility, call us for the legal help you will need to seek justice for your child and to make our community safer for all children.

How Children Are Harmed in Texas Daycare Centers

Children are active and unpredictable. No one ever said that caring for young children is easy, but when you run a business devoted to the care of children, you had better make sure you have taken every possible measure to ensure the safety of your charges. Providing high-quality childcare services is also not cheap, but it is often cost-cutting actions that lead to the neglect and injury of our littlest loved ones. Children in daycare can suffer a variety of injuries and illnesses when they are in an unsafe environment. Some of the causes of daycare injuries include the following:

  • Inadequate staffing. Texas law limits the number of children a daycare worker may supervise. This ratio changes as children get older and become more able to care for themselves. For example, daycare workers may not supervise more than four babies aged 0–11 months but may be in charge of 15 3-year-olds and 26 6-year-olds. Even if a daycare center is in compliance with these requirements on paper, it doesn’t mean that at any given moment, workers are not supervising more children than they legally should. During developmental stages, children can be difficult to handle. Inadequate staffing and overwhelmed caretakers can lead to negligent behavior that affecting your children for the worse.
  • Unqualified workers. All daycare workers in Texas must pass a background check and meet minimum requirements, including having a high school diploma and completing eight hours of pre-service training. If a child is injured while in the care of a childcare worker who does not meet these qualifications, the daycare center can be held liable for knowingly endangering your child.
  • Unsafe facilities. The state of Texas has an extensive list of required safety practices for daycare centers covering everything from furniture and equipment to handwashing and severe weather. When a child is injured by an unsecured bookcase or broken playground structure, the daycare center can be held liable. It is the center’s responsibility to conduct regular safety inspections and to correct any violations that could harm a child. Should the staff not be able to control a disruptive situation, unsafe environments become real possiblities.
  • Criminal acts. When a child is purposely hurt by a childcare provider, that individual may face criminal charges, and the daycare center—as his or her employer—may also be held responsible. Even if an employee has passed a background check or if he or she physically or sexually abuses a child, both the employee and employer can be held accountable.

Getting a call in the middle of the day from your child’s daycare center informing you that your child has been injured—or worse—is a parent’s worst fear. However, discovering bruises or broken bones on your own—or hearing about abuse or neglect from a verbal child—is even worse. In these cases, the daycare center is either ignoring an incident and hoping it goes away or is unaware that anything even happened to the child. In both instances, the caregivers should be held accountable.

How to Report Daycare Abuse, Injuries, or Neglect in Your State

If you suspect that your child has been abused, injured, or neglected while in daycare, it's important to report it to the proper authorities. We have compiled information on where and how to report daycare abuse incidents in your state.

The Button Law Firm Stands Up for Children in Texas

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