Playground where children can be seriously injured.Serious Playground Injuries at Texas Daycare Facilities

Recess and time spent outside on the playground are favorite periods for kids at daycare. They get to run around with their friends and participate in active, imaginative play.

However, our Dallas injury lawyer adds, playgrounds at daycare facilities pose safety risks for young children. Without the proper care and supervision from workers, kids can be seriously hurt.

Causes of Child Injuries on Playgrounds in Texas  

Many parents and caregivers understand that you cannot turn your back for just one minute when watching young children because something unexpected will happen—either the child will get into mischief or could be harmed. This commonly known truth emphasizes the importance of supervision at daycare facilities, especially on a playground.

Serious daycare injuries can happen when daycare workers are not closely watching children. The three most common causes of child injuries on playgrounds due to a lack of supervision are:

  • Falling from tall playground equipment such as monkey bars or when climbing up playground equipment in order to go down a slide
  • Playing on playground equipment that is not age-appropriate
  • Playground equipment that is not properly maintained. Close supervision by a daycare worker can easily detect when equipment may be missing any screws or, on wooden equipment, have protruding nails that could cause a serious eye injury.

How Playground Injuries at Texas Daycare Facilities Can Be Prevented

In addition to closely watching children to prevent serious injuries from occurring on a playground, daycare workers should follow these additional safety practices:

Steps to Take If Your Child Was Seriously Hurt on the Playground at a Texas Daycare

Anytime your child gets hurt can feel overwhelming—you are trying to calm them down and seek help. After taking your child to the pediatrician or emergency room for medical treatment, you may not know what to do next. Our expert daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm have created a guide that explains what to do if your child was seriously hurt on the playground at daycare. Recommended steps include:  

  1. Request that the daycare facility have an inspection of the playground.
  2. Get a copy of the incident report.
  3. Report the incident to the state. You can do so by clicking here.
  4. Request a safety change if the playground equipment was the cause of your child’s injuries.
  5. Contact the compassionate and knowledgeable daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm by calling 214-699-4409 or filling out a contact form. We will be ready to listen and advise your family on the best approach to hold the daycare accountable and get justice for your child’s injuries. 
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