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Baby burned by hot water in Dallas-area DaycareIn April of 2018, an infant, who was just a few days shy of his first birthday, was severely burned while attending a Dallas-area daycare.

On that day, an infant pulled on a loose cord from the bottle warmer while he was not being watched by the daycare’s caregivers. The cord was near the ground and within his reach. The hot water from the bottle warmer came down onto the child’s face, causing severe burns to approximately 90% of his face, chin, and ears. Upon caregivers discovering the baby had been burned, they proceeded to call the child’s mother, not 911.

The Texas Department of Children and Families determined that the child was neglectfully supervised by the daycare and cited the childcare center for failing to meet the state’s minimum standards for childcare.

How the Button Law Firm Helped

The caregivers in this situation failed to supervise children in their care, ignored the protocol for bottle warmer safety, and did not take the right steps in the emergency procedures that followed the incident. The baby had to receive specialized burn care and remained in the ICU of a burn ward for several days—where he had to get a treatment called debridement. This is a painful process where the wound is scraped open and cleaned multiple times per day.

The injury to this child was 100% preventable. With adequate supervision and proper safety precautions in the placement and storing of dangerous items, this incident would have never happened.

Our firm was able to secure a settlement for the family, allowing the child to get the proper medical attention he needed and for the parents to be able to get back to providing for their family. The amount of pain they suffered was immeasurable; however, because of the Button Law Firm’s passion for justice, this family was able to move forward from this incident.

Do You Know of a Child Who Was Burned at Daycare?

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