Man wearing blue shirt pulling out a gun during road rage incident.What Happened During This Texas Road Rage Incident?

BLF closed several enormous, life-changing cases in 2022, but one was particularly close to our hearts: the personal injury case of a woman we’ll call Maria. It took us six long years to get justice for Maria, but in the end, the results we achieved were worth the wait!

Before the incident at hand, Maria was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She was also a hardworking woman with a special certification in her field, making her a valuable employee. But on a cold winter night in 2016, something happened that turned her entire life and career upside down. Maria fell victim to a reckless Texas trucker overcome with road rage. The man tried to force her off the highway, then followed her to her destination and blocked her vehicle in. While she was trapped, he pulled a terror-stricken Maria from her vehicle and threatened her at gunpoint.

How Did This Road Rage Incident Change the Victim’s Life?

Fortunately, Maria survived this traumatic, heart-pounding encounter — but its aftermath affected every area of her life. She left the hospital with severe injuries and incalculable mental and emotional damage. She could hardly sleep or eat and was in too much pain even to play with her grandchild, let alone continue working.

What Did The Button Law Firm Do to Help This Texas Driver?

As soon as our team heard about Maria’s case, we knew it would take everything we had to bring her attacker to justice. But we didn’t let the stakes stop us! We poured hours of effort into building Maria’s case and proving just how damaging the truck driver’s actions were to her life. It took us six years to secure justice for Maria, but in the end, a judge awarded her a life-changing resolution. The money won’t turn back time or heal her trauma, but it will give her and her family the financial security they need to move forward. Our team was honored to meet Maria and her family and help them achieve the life they deserve. If you know someone in a situation like Maria’s, don’t hesitate to call — we’re here to help. No case is too big or too small.

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