Kemp, Texas police chief Ernie ZepedaMeet a Trusted Investigator

When you’re trying to get to the bottom of a car crash case or find out what really happened at a daycare, it pays to have an investigator with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience on your side.

For our team here at BLF, Ernie Zepeda is that guy. Ernie is the new police chief of Kemp, Texas, but before he took that job last year he started his own private investigations company, which he still runs on nights and weekends.

How Ernie Helps Law Firms in Texas

It’s called EZ Investigative Solutions — a play on both his initials and the word “easy” — and through it, he puts his decades of experience with the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office to work. Ernie helps with interviewing witnesses, taking photographs, and tracking down and delivering information. Ernie also helps law firms like us get justice for our clients faster and more efficiently. His help in interviewing witnesses, taking photographs, and tracking down and delivering information has been invaluable.

Thanks to him, we’ve gotten justice for our clients faster and more efficiently. We love that Ernie is as careful about choosing his partners as we are about choosing our cases. “One thing I look for in attorneys I work with is, ‘Will that attorney be mindful of the client and try to treat them right?’” Ernie says, “From what I see, BLF has always done that. They treat their clients right, and they’re good people.”

Ernie’s Experience in Law Enforcement

Ernie has done “just about everything” during his time in law enforcement. He started out working at the local jail, then went to the police academy and worked his way up from there. “I worked on patrol at nights and worked day shift answering calls. Eventually, I was promoted up and became an investigator working burglaries, thefts, robberies, murders,” he says.

Ernie says his favorite part of working in law enforcement is helping people. “On the private side and also the police side, I’m always trying to help people out and listen to their concerns,” he says. To learn more about EZ Investigative Solutions, visit Ernie’s website,

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