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At The Button Law Firm, we have a passion for helping people. It drives our team to work hard for the families and children we represent every day. It also means that we will not take on your case unless we believe we can help. If we take on your case, you can be sure that it will get the care and personal attention it deserves. Our team is committed to three core pillars – passion, communication, and justice.

We are driven by a passion for doing everything we can to help the person affected get justice. Our team pours our hearts and souls into every client to help make a difference in their lives and make our community safer.

We are committed to open communication so our clients have guidance and answers to their questions and always feel connected to their team.

Finally, the pursuit of justice drives our goal to make our clients whole again by bringing them closure. We know your life has changed and that you are looking for help to keep moving forward. The Button Law Firm will help you find closure so that justice is served.

We are devoted to helping people every step of the way, and that starts with offering free resources and information on daycare injuries, daycare abuse, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and our other practice areas.

Our team has offices in Dallas and Midland, and we handle cases in Houston and all over Texas. We’re also ready to take on cases selectively across the country. If you have questions, contact us today. You can call us at 214-699-4409 or reach us at intake@buttonlawfirm. We’re doing more to keep you moving forward.

Our founder and top-rated Dallas Daycare Injury Attorney Russell Button shares three lessons that hold value for business owners, and anyone seeking better balance in their life.Attorney Russell Button visits Utah with his family

This summer, I did something a little different than usual: I took my very first long vacation away from The Button Law Firm since opening the firm almost seven years ago. I was a little nervous about leaving for a full week. But thanks to some planning and my amazing team, the trip was awesome. Between all of the fun, I learned three things about myself.

3 Bussiness and Life Lessons Learned In the Mountains

1. When I’m outside, I have a lot more time and space to think.

While I was out on the river, hiking through the mountains, and sitting on the patio sipping coffee and watching the sun come up, my brain was busy working on my vision for The Button Law Firm. I had the space to work through big problems, get creative, and project far into the future. It was good for me, and when I got back, it was good for The Button Law Firm team.

2. My team can get along just fine without me!

That was a little bit humbling, but it was exciting, too. Thanks to the way our systems have been set up — and especially to Ashley’s work with PracticePanther — everyone here feels confident and empowered in their roles. Not only did they do great work while I was away, but their dedication also allowed me to dive back in and get up to speed more quickly when I got home.

3. Disengaging makes me a better lawyer, leader, and business owner.

I came back from Utah feeling sharp and ready to work. Because I was well-rested, I jumped out of bed the second my alarm went off! There was a clear improvement in my decision-making and focus, too.

Honestly, this wasn’t easy to accept. I thought I was doing my team and clients a service by never taking a vacation over the last six years. But the truth is that getting away periodically will allow me to be an even better lawyer and leader when I’m here. Even better, it means I can represent my clients more effectively in daycare injury and car wreck cases, and catch more fish. That sounds like a win-win to me!

Time Outside in Utah Delivers Many Benefits for Dallas Attorney

The idea for this trip all started when my sister and her husband invited me to join them on their annual outdoor vacation. When my parents heard I was going, they jumped on board, too! We rented a house in the mountains in Park City, Utah, and hiked every day.

The weather on this trip was beautiful and the cooler temperatures were a refreshing break from the Texas humidity. My brother-in-law, Dom, and I tried fishing in the Alpine lakes we hiked to but didn’t have any luck, so we headed down to the Provo River one day to fly fish for trout. Neither of us had thought to rent waders, so we probably looked like a couple of goofballs trying to catch trout in our shorts! Still, we didn’t let the sideways looks stop us. Luckily, we caught a guided fishing trip on our last day and all caught a bunch of trout. We had a blast!

When my family and I weren’t hiking or fishing, we spent time just relaxing, eating great meals at local restaurants, and exploring the historic part of Park City. This trip was a valuable reminder that time away from your business isn’t time wasted. In fact, having that time away to think will likely add value to what you do every day.

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