Eurika WebsterOur intake specialist, Eurika Webster, brought a unique list of accomplishments with her when she joined the BLF team this spring. Over the last 30 years, she’s been a high school English teacher, cheer coach, mom of three, secretarial administrative assistant, grandmother of five, and children’s book author!

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Those diverse experiences come together in one warm, funny, and hardworking person. As our intake specialist, Eurika takes calls from new clients, listens to their stories, and sends referrals to our network of attorneys. You might have spoken with her already, as she’s often the first to answer our phone! After teaching English for 21 years, Eurika says it’s refreshing to do something different.

“I was lucky enough to retire from teaching right before COVID-19 came. Then during COVID-19, I kept two of my grandbabies at home to teach them. After COVID-19 settled, my daughter-in inlaw and son put the kids in daycare, and I decided I was ready to go on a new adventure,” she says. “I’d always been interested in law — in fact, I kind of wish I had taken that route as opposed to teaching! But everything happens for a reason.”

How Eurika Became the Perfect Addition to The BLF Team!

Eurika’s writing skills, professionalism, and experience working with kids make her a great fit for her job at BLF. She loves her work and truly shines when talking to parents whose kids are going through difficult times after daycare injuries or car crashes. “You have to have understanding, sincerity, compassion, and respect for every client. That comes easily for me — as a woman, mom, grandmother, and veteran teacher, I can really relate to a lot of the people that call,” Eurika says.

No doubt Eurika is thinking of her cherished grandkids in those moments. Li’l Coby, Aya, Aliya, and TJ are the lights of her life, and 6-year-old Hadlee even stars in her children’s books! Hadlee and her “Gam” bonded during the pandemic, and Eurika turned their memories into stories. Next time you call our office, be sure to ask Eurika about her upcoming book, “Hadlee Bug Making Blueberry Muffins With Gam” — she’d love to tell you all about it.

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