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A few months ago, our marketing and brand coordinator, Jacqueline Golan, did something awesome: She went back to tennis!

“I played tennis kind of seriously in middle school and high school, then stopped when I went to college,” Jacqueline explains. “I recently started playing again with my brother. He also played, and now we play together! We go to tennis drills a few days a week. It’s been fun getting back into it and pursuing something I really enjoyed.”

Jacqueline is just as in love with tennis now as she was in high school. She’s hooked on the whole experience: spending time outdoors at her local park, meeting new people who are serious about the game, and adding an extra workout into her day. Plus, she says, it’s a hobby she can enjoy for life.

“I can see myself joining a league or something similar in the future,” Jacqueline says. We weren’t surprised when Jacqueline told us about her recent triumphs on the tennis court. She’s been just as successful here at BLF! We celebrated her second anniversary with the firm this spring, and in that time, she’s taken us to the next level. “I’m really proud of how far we’ve come since I started here at BLF two years ago,” Jacqueline says.

Resources BLF Provides for Our Community

“Our team has grown, and we’ve put out a lot of great information, especially over the last year! We really stepped up our effort to provide as many resources to parents as we can. I think it is proving helpful, too, because we’ve started getting feedback from parents. They really appreciate our free guides, blog posts, and videos about what to do if their child is injured at daycare or in a car accident.” We’re proud of the team, too — Jacqueline included! We couldn’t spread the word effectively without her marketing expertise. She’s a key player here at BLF, and we’re confident she’ll soon be one in a tennis league, too.

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