Swimming pool in HoustonHOUSTON – Twelve people were taken to the hospital after a potential chlorine poisoning while using the lazy river of a pool at a family sports fitness club in West Houston.  The facility, called Club Westside, is located on Wilcrest Drive and Briar Forest Drive.

The twelve people, which included several children, displayed symptoms of chlorine poisoning, though the symptoms of these victims weren’t specified. According to Houston Fire Department Chief Sam Peña, symptoms of chlorine poisoning can include asthma, nausea, and skin and eye irritation.  

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What Went Wrong at This Houston-Area Family Sports Fitness Club?

Adding chlorine and other chemicals can be an important step in keeping a pool clean and safe for use. But, too little or too much of these chemicals can be dangerous.

According to Chief Peña, the pool appeared to have been over-chlorinated. Over-chlorination of pools can pose serious dangers to those trying to enjoy a day in the water. The City of Houston and the CDC list that an appropriate level of chlorine for a commercial pool 1.0-8.0 parts per million (PPM).

Usually, the over-chlorination of pools can be avoided by regular testing of the pool’s chlorine balance.

These incidents can unfortunately be serious. A long-term outcome of being exposed to too much chlorine can result in reactive airways dysfunction syndrome, also known as RADS.

These rules do not just apply to pools at tennis and fitness clubs – these can also apply to hotels, apartment complexes, summer camps, community centers, and more.

What to Do If You or a Loved One Suffered from a Poisoning Incident at a Houston Pool

If you or a loved one has suffered from an injury from an improperly chlorinated pool, or any sort of pool injury, it’s important to learn what your options are immediately.

These kinds of injuries are preventable as long as the facility managing the pool is doing their part to take care of their guests.

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