Boat sinking after a distracted driver wrecked it.What Is Distracted Boating?

You’ve heard thousands of times that it’s a bad idea to text and drive — but has anyone ever warned you about texting while boating? If not, they should have!

Distracted boating can be just as deadly to Texans as distracted driving, especially during the busy summer months.

During the hot summers, our Dallas personal injury lawyer adds, dozens of families pull out their boats out of storage and head to the same lakes, where they’ll face multiple tempting distractions and put each other at risk.

The Most Common Distractions for Texas Boat Operators

Here are just a few of the things that could draw your attention away from the helm and cause a dangerous or even deadly collision:

• Electronic devices like cellphones, tablets, and even navigational equipment

• Other people on the boat talking, joking, and horsing around nearby

• Spotlights and other blinding or attention-grabbing lighting from other boats

• Tempting snacks and drinks nearby

Any of these things can take your eyes off the water! If you’re drinking alcohol, you’ll be even more likely to lose focus and collide with another boat, steer erratically, run your boat aground, or head into bad weather that could be dangerous to boat in.

Now, we’re not saying you would do these things, but other people on the water might — and will. Every year, dozens of Texans get into boating accidents that can cause head injuries, lacerations, broken bones, muscle damage, and even death. Distracted boating is a leading cause of these collisions.

What to Do If You’re In a Boating Accident Caused by Distracted Driving

If you plan to spend time on the water during the warmer months of the year, remember these risks and avoid getting distracted at the helm or becoming a distraction to your captain. And if you or someone you love is in a boating accident this summer, refer to our firm for help. We’ll look at witness statements, conditions on the water, and the way the boat was operating to determine whether distracted boating caused the crash and hold the appropriate operator accountable.

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