Every case is unique, and when it comes to wrecks involving commercial vehicles and trucks, the differences rRed truck in accident on roadun deeper than just the 70,000+ pounds of steel involved. 

Why Are Truck Crash Claims More Complicated?

The short answer is that they usually involve serious injuries, extensive investigation, multiple-party liability, and federal laws and regulations.

There are four unique factors about your claim that come into play and make these cases more complex. 

1. Truck Wreck Claims Usually Involve Serious or Catastrophic Injuries. 

  • For one, the damage done by a truck is usually much more serious than that done by a car. Motorists who are hit by a truck often suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries. Paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, loss of limbs, and multiple fractures require long recoveries and sometimes even lifelong care. Medical treatment is extensive, complex, and necessary. The more medical treatment needed, the more important it is that you have a skilled attorney and team helping you navigate your claim so that your future care needs are always top priority.

2. Truck Wreck Claims Require Extensive Investigation.

  • Determining the cause of a truck crash can be a difficult process. There is a lot of evidence involved, including the truck's black box, the driver's hours-of-service logs, and the truck inspection and repair records. The truck driver’s employer is likely to attempt to withhold evidence of fault, which means you need someone who has walked this path before, knows what is out there, and knows what to do to make sure crucial evidence is preserved and obtained.  

3. Truck Wreck Accidents Always Involve Multiple Parties Trying to Avoid Liability.

  • If it sounds technical, it's because it is. Most truck drivers are working for someone else when they are involved in a crash. As a result, the driver's employer may share some liability for causing the crash. The trucking company might be partially or fully responsible for a maintenance issue, a lack of driver qualifications, or for overworking the driver to the point that it was unsafe for them to operate the truck. 

4. Trucking Wrecks Typically Involve Federal Trucking Laws and Regulations. 

  • Truckers and trucking companies are subject to federal regulations, including hiring and licensing requirements, hours-of-service guidelines, and truck inspection and maintenance requirements. For example, when a driver goes over their hours, the company and the driver have violated federal law. It is imperative that you have someone on your side that knows the federal regulations and how to show that the law was broken. 

If you are in a truck crash, turn to the Button Law Firm.                                

Every case is unique and crashes involving commercial trucks require special handling - this is why it is one of the types of cases we always recommend that you hire a lawyer to help you. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck wreck, reach out to our team because the truth is - your trucking case is more complicated than a car accident case. 


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