James Cook If every person on the BLF team were a tool in a tool belt, then our operations assistant, James, would be our Swiss army knife. He’s our go-to guy for every small task around the office — and no matter what we need, he makes it happen!

“My slogan is, ‘Keep everything moving forward in the best way it can,’” James says.

James Celebrates One Year With BLF

We celebrated James’ one-year anniversary with the firm this summer, and honestly, it’s hard to imagine our office without him. He keeps everything clean and organized, opens and closes the office each day, stays in constant contact with our vendors, and runs errands all over the city. If we need to deliver a settlement check or make a run to the airport, James is our man.

A few months into his job, James also took the vital step of becoming a notary. That means he can sign and pick up releases, affidavits, and other legal documents — saving time for our clients and the other notary on our team. When we asked James what pushes him to develop these new skills and find efficiencies, he said that he’s in constant competition with himself. Every day, he aims to do a bit more for our firm and our community. His favorite part of his work is spreading joy inside and outside our office.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity; it has definitely been a rewarding experience to work with my peers and be proud of what I’m doing. … Whether I’m talking to the team here, our clients, or somebody else, I’m always putting forth a little bit of happiness. I want to help them get away from that moment that affected their life and put them in a better spot,” he says.

Meet Maddox!

At home, James has his own ball of happiness to cheer him up: his Old English sheepadoodle pup, Maddox! Maddox just turned 1, and like any baby, he demands all of his dad’s free time for walks, snuggles, and play. For James, it’s always “time well spent.”

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