Medical Safety Advocacy in TexasSurgery setup before medical staff did not account for all instruments in medical malpractice case.

Falling ill and needing a medical procedure can be scary enough. Unfortunately, some patients seeking medical treatment then become victims of medical malpractice, in which the very healthcare professionals who were meant to treat these people end up making them worse.

Our Dallas personal injury attorney at The Button Law Firm has long advocated for safety in medical institutions, like doctors' offices and hospitals. That’s why it can be so frustrating and devastating to see people continue to be wronged by medical professionals who were supposed to help them get better.

As of May 2022, the legal team at Button Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Dr. Katherine Makohon of Lakeside Surgery and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall (THR Rockwall) on behalf of a North Texas man, Justin Martin, who was injured after a laparotomy sponge was left in the abdomen during a small bowel resection surgery in June of 2021.

You can read the lawsuit filed here.

Negligence by a Doctor and Their Team

Anytime surgery is performed, patient safety rules require a checklist that the doctor and nurses go through before and after a surgery is complete to ensure all equipment is accounted for and that no instruments were left in the patient’s body.

In this case, the medical team that performed Mr. Martin’s surgery did not follow those patient safety rules and caused horrific, excruciating pain and lifelong damages.

Medical Malpractice in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Medical Malpractice is a serious problem that continues to appear throughout the State of Texas and across America. We have represented people across the country, who have dealt with horrible pain and injuries due to a doctor’s, nurse’s, or medical institution's disregard for patient safety.

These individuals and institutions must be held accountable.

Cases like Mr. Martin’s are completely preventable. Checklists should be in place, and used, to prevent this very thing from happening. Unfortunately, though, not every medical professional takes the necessary steps to complete this checklist, and that’s when people, like our client, get hurt. The physicians, nurses, and staff responsible for Mr. Martin’s safety during surgery did not follow through with their checklists of materials, leaving behind a foreign object in their patient’s body.

Changes That Must Be Made to Stop Medical Malpractice

Through legal action, our firm hopes to establish a precedent that shows these and other medical professionals and health institutions the importance of following procedures and taking patient safety seriously. It is essential that, for the care of their patients and our community, the doctors and medical facilities are doing everything in their power to ensure surgeries and other medical procedures are done properly

How the Button Law Firm Helps with Texas Medical Malpractice Cases

Going to a doctor for help with a medical issue shouldn’t result in further problems. Our legal professionals pursue these kinds of cases because people across Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Midland continue to get hurt by negligent doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

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