James CookHow James Started at BLF

A few years ago, Russell’s mom was flying home from a trip. Her flights were delayed

over and over. Every time she updated Russell, his anxiety spiked. He wasn’t in Dallas, nor was his dad — so who would pick his mom up from the airport in the middle of the night? Russell was so worried about what could happen to his mom if she took a late-night Uber or taxi ride that he couldn’t sleep.

So, he called one of his oldest friends, James Cook, for help. “I started calling James,” Russell remembers. “He answered, got up in the middle of the night, went to the airport to pick up my mom, and made sure she got home safely — no questions asked. I have a million stories like that from throughout our lives. I can always rely on James, no matter what.”

Russell and James have been friends since second grade, and as of this June, they’re also coworkers! We’re thrilled to have James on the BLF team as our operations assistant.

How James’s Background Supports His Role at BLF

James’s background in transport, logistics, and customer service makes him an excellent fit for the role. He jumps in wherever he’s needed, whether delivering essential documents to our clients or co-counsel, restocking supplies, or making clients feel comfortable in our office.

Their remarkable friendship, tested and proven through countless experiences, has seamlessly translated into a professional collaboration at BLF. James's dedication to going above and beyond is not only reflected in the stories Russell shares but also in his role as the operations assistant. As they navigate the professional realm together, the narratives of trust, reliability, and unwavering support continue to define their journey at BLF, reinforcing the strength of their bond in both personal and professional spheres.

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