American flag with flowers for Fourth of July celebration. The Fourth of July - it’s a holiday filled with fun and celebration, often incorporating delicious food, good times with friends, and fireworks. But, during this holiday, there are lurking dangers that everyone must be aware of. We want to share what those are and how you can keep your family safe.

Below are the four most common dangers to look out for during Independence Day festivities:

1. Fireworks

Fireworks are an integral part of the Fourth of July. So, what exactly makes them so dangerous? Well, fireworks burn at extremely high temperatures, and their sudden explosions can result in the loss of a limb, vision loss, or severe burns. Sometimes, fireworks can be unpredictable and shoot off in the wrong direction. Even sparklers, which are often used by kids, can be incredibly dangerous, as they can burn at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. In 2021 alone, 11,500 people were sent to the emergency room due to a fireworks-related injury, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

2. Car Accidents 

Unfortunately, car wrecks are a common occurrence around the Fourth of July. Drunk driving can be especially dangerous, as many people take this holiday as an opportunity to celebrate, which might mean overindulging in drinks. Texas ranked as the second most deadly state for Fourth of July weekend driving, according to a recent report.

3. Drownings

As the Fourth of July is a summer holiday, cooling off in a pool or lake sounds like a fun way to spend the holiday. However, drownings pose a serious risk to both kids and adults. Learn more about the risks of drowning by clicking here.

4. Food poisoning

Many Americans enjoy their Fourth of July with a backyard BBQ. Although these can be fun, it’s important that you and your group keep food safety front of mind. If not, mishandled food can cause some serious illnesses, like food poisoning. The USDA has some great tips to keep your Fourth of July feast safe – including thoroughly washing your hands prior to cooking, avoiding cross-contamination, and keeping cold foods cold and hot foods hot.

Though Independence Day can be (and often is) a fun holiday, the risks are serious and lead to injury to kids and adults. That’s why we want to make you aware – so you know what steps to follow to keep yourself and your loved ones safe! We hope you have a fantastic Fourth of July filled with lots of celebration and time spent with friends and family.

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