The Button Law Firm Team at a Dallas Stars Game

Last month, our team finished off the year with a bang: We all went to a Dallas Stars game thanks to the team from the Hamilton Wingo law office!

That get-together on Dec. 6 marked the official return of our after-hours team-building activities, which Russell calls “Button Law Firm (BLF) Days.” We were thrilled to get back to this tradition, and to cheer on our local hockey team!

Dallas Outings Bring the BLF Team Closer

In the pre-COVID-19 times, our whole office regularly got together off the clock because we’re not just coworkers — we’re family, too. We’d go out for lunch or dinner, play mini-golf, or do another group event. It was our way of staying connected as a team, learning more about each other, and keeping up our momentum. Spending time together outside of work helped us work better together as a team to find justice for our clients.

Then the pandemic hit. Suddenly, BLF Days were off the table. It was a major bummer for everyone.

Finding New Ways to Connect as a Team

Of course, Russell and Ashley still planned COVID-19-safe activities whenever they

could. They had lunch delivered to the office, and we even signed up for an escape room where we could socially distance ourselves from everyone but each other. (Spoiler alert: We didn’t make it out. To this day, Russell swears no human could have!) We also found ways to connect virtually, holding BLF Book Club meetings and keeping our weekly team meetings fun and interactive even when we were physically distanced.. 

Still, as fun as they were, those activities weren’t an ideal substitute for in-person events. We know you can probably relate to not getting to enjoy some of your favorite activities over the last couple of years. We’ve all adapted and adjusted to many new circumstances, including finding ways to stay connected with family and friends when we can’t be together in person. We’ve all had to get a bit creative!

Joining Another Dallas Law Firm for a Hockey Game

So Russell was thrilled when we got the invitation to the game from Chris and Paul over at Hamilton Wingo, another law firm here in Dallas. We’ve collaborated with their law firm on cases before and love spending time together. Our firm values align well with theirs, and it’s fun to hang out with such passionate, justice-driven people who want to make a difference just like we do. Plus, we can talk about nerdy legal topics for as long as we want.

The game was a lot of fun as we watched the Stars and the Arizona Coyotes face off from a suite. It was a great way to officially welcome new team members (Jacqueline Golan and Jacky Bejarano) we hired this year into the BLF family and meet their spouses and kids.

Hopefully, this Dallas Stars game was a sign of things to come, and of more BLF Days on the horizon. We can’t wait to do more events like this for BLF Days in 2022.

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