As Dallas car wreck attorneys, we know all too well that there are hundreds of unsafe and uninsured or underinsured drivers on the road in Texas. They’re drivers Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverageyou want to protect yourself from — like the reckless woman who hit our client last year.

This case was a textbook example of why it’s so important to not only buy uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage, which protects you if an uninsured or underinsured driver hits you but also to buy a lot of it.

Texas Driver Seriously Injured In Car Wreck

At the time of the accident, our client, Dave,* was in his car at a complete stop. He was yielding to oncoming traffic and preparing to make a left turn. Then it happened: Another driver slammed into his vehicle from behind. The impact shoved his car forward into oncoming traffic, where another vehicle smashed into him.

By the time it was all over, Dave had serious head and neck injuries. The car wreck left him with a concussion, whiplash, and brain damage. He also injured his chest and spine. He was rushed to the hospital right away. Luckily, after Dave recovered enough to seek legal help, he found our firm. He brought us on to fight for him inside and outside of the courtroom.

Dallas Car Wreck Attorneys Recover Maximum Insurance Payout for Client

Because of our Texas auto accident attorneys’ experience with serious car crashes, we were able to connect Dave with the best possible treatment providers for his brain damage, neck injuries, and other orthopedic issues. We tracked his recovery closely and ultimately used that evidence (and evidence from the accident) to help Dave collect the maximum insurance payout. We also helped reduce his medical bills, and with the compensation he won, he was able to pay all of those bills back to the health insurance company and move forward with his life.

This was as good an outcome as you can hope for in this situation. But of course, we wish Dave didn’t have to go through any of it in the first place. He did not deserve the trauma of catastrophic injuries that resulted from the accident.

Why Our Dallas Car Wreck Attorneys Want You to Get UM/UIM Insurance

We hope you and your loved ones never have this kind of experience, either, but to prepare for the worst, please consider adding or increasing the UM/ UIM coverage on your automobile insurance package to protect yourself in the event that the other driver doesn’t have car insurance. This insurance is affordable and it will cover you financially if an irresponsible, underinsured driver hits you. Most folks we talk to who don’t have it say they wish they had gotten it sooner.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like us to take a look at your car insurance coverage. We offer free auto policy reviews – all you need to do is contact us! You can use this form, give us a call, or even send us an email! Let’s keep our Texas communities safe together.

*Name has been changed to protect our client’s identity.

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