Woman holding her cell phone waiting for ride share vehicle.Ride Share Drivers Have Access To Information

Ride-shares are a very popular tool in today's society. Whether you are using Uber of Lyft, ride-shares can be helpful when traveling or even after a night out.

Think about it for a moment, though. The ride-share driver has your pick-up location, your destination, and phone number. Innocent enough, right? Well, what about after they drop you off? Where does the information go, and how do you know that they didn't write it down before? 

The truth is, they get some filler information from you while driving - just being social. Then, if they are one of the Uber or Lyft drivers that are targeting women, they might take advantage. This is not to say that all Uber and Lyft drivers are like these that are targeting and raping women, but they are out there and not being caught in the screening process.

A Real-Life Example: Seattle Woman Sexually Assaulted by Ride-Share Driver

In Seattle, a woman was picked up by a ride-share driver (neither company will admit whether it was theirs) and was raped by the driver. In the moments leading up to the incident, the driver turned off the "ride," saying that this one was on him. Though initially, this might've seemed like a nice gesture in the moment, his intentions were anything but kind. The driver then proceeded to take her to his apartment, where he forced her inside and raped her for hours. Follow the link to read more about this story.

Safety Tips For Women Who Use Rideshare Apps in Texas

Unfortunately, the ride-share device does not allow us to select the driver we want. But, with these safety tips, you may be able to navigate the rideshare apps more safely.

First, if you get in the vehicle and the driver cancels the ride, demand it is turned back on. If they do not, call the police immediately. 

Second, if you get in the car and notice your driver taking you an unusual way or in the opposite direction of where you were headed, it's likely a sign of danger. Contact the police if you notice this. 

Third, don't share personal information with the driver. If the driver asks you questions along the lines of "Do you live alone?", "Am I taking you to your house?" do not share anything that could compromise your safety. Even if you're being driven to your house, tell them you're from out of town and visiting a cousin or friend. Do not indicate that you are alone, even if you are. 

Additionally, it's always a good idea to let friends or family members know that you're getting into a ride-share vehicle. If you can, be sure to share your location with a friend or family member so they can track your location if there's ever an emergency. 

Make A Complaint If Suspicious Activity

The truth is that far too many people let a bad ride-share driver or suspiciously acting driver off without so much as a complaint. The company needs to know, as do others, that the driver is being unsafe. It helps the company red-flag a particular driver. At a certain point, if the ride-share company elects to leave a driver with numerous red flags on the road and continue driving, then it can and will come back on them if a wreck occurs or if a rideshare user becomes the victim of a violent crime.

How Can The Button Law Firm Help Victims of Dangerous Ride-Share Drivers?

If you have been raped, assaulted, or in a wreck involving a ride-share driver in Dallas or Houston, give us a call. We pursue these cases to the fullest extent to make sure that you receive closure and that bad drivers are kept off the roads. When these drivers are permitted to drive and collect all your personal information, the outcome can be scary. If you need further information on your rights or need someone to call, reach out to us right away. We are here for you.

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