Ride Share Drivers Have Access To Information

Think about it for a moment. The ride share driver has your pick up location, your destination and phone number. Innocent enough, right? Well, what about after they drop you off? Where does the information go or how do you know that they didn't write it down before? 

The truth is, they get some filler information from you while driving - just being social. Then, if they are one of the Uber or Lyft drivers that are targeting women, they can take advantage. This is not to say that all Uber and Lyft drivers are like these that are targeting and raping women, but they are out there and not being caught in the screening process.

Seattle Woman Was Raped

In Seattle, a woman was picked up by a ride-share driver (neither company will admit whether it was theirs) and raped. Specifically, the driver turned off the "ride" saying that this one was on him. Sounds like a nice fella. Or so this lady thought. The driver then proceeded to take her to his apartment where he forced her inside and raped her for hours.  Follow the link to read more about this story.

Safety Tip For Women

Unfortunately, the ride-share device does not allow us to select the driver we want. They pick us. However, you can cancel if you don't like what they look like on the face. Also, if you get in the vehicle and the ride cancels then demand it be turned back on or call the cops. The police are very attentive to these types of calls right now because of all the major safety concerns with ride-sharing crimes. 

The companies Uber and Lyft are working on creating a version of the application that allows women to only select women at night. However, don't be fooled as the same concerns apply. This type of being raped concern is nothing new, but it is getting a lot more attention now and deservedly so. 

Make A Complaint If Suspicious Activity

The truth is that far too many people let a bad ride-share driver or suspiciously acting driver off without so much as a complaint. The company needs to know as do others that may be using that driver. It helps the company red flag a particular driver. At a certain point, if the ride-share company elects to leave a driver with numerous red flags on the road and continue driving, then it can and will come back on them if a wreck occurs or a violent crime. The company was put on notice and chose to do nothing.

What Can We Help With?

If you have been raped, assaulted, or in a wreck involving in Dallas County or Harris county by an Uber or Lyft driver, give us a call. We pursue these cases to the fullest extent to make sure that you receive closure and bad drivers are kept off the roads. When these drivers are permitted to drive and collect all your personal information, it is scary what can happen. If you need further information on your rights or need someone to call, reach out to us right away. We are here for you.


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