Car accident involving two cars.What Happened to This Austin, Texas Driver?

When an Austin woman’s car was struck by a driver who ran a red light at an intersection near Lakeline Mall, our experienced and knowledgeable auto accident attorneys at The Button Law Firm fought to get her justice, holding the negligent driver accountable for causing the accident.

The negligent driver was lost and not paying attention while trying to cross traffic. Instead of slowing down at a red light, the driver sped up and hit our client’s car as she started going through the green light. The wreck seriously injured her knee and damaged her car.

How the Settlement Secured by Our Texas Car Wreck Attorneys Helped

Our client, a wife and mother who also worked to support her family, was seriously injured. Her road to recovery was long: She needed surgery to repair her damaged knee from the wreck but was unable to have the operation right away due to her caretaking obligations. To make matters worse, she had a full-time job and experienced lost wages because she had to take time away from the workplace to attend doctor appointments and stay off her feet as her knee healed from surgery.

Our experienced team fought hard for our client. We secured a settlement that helped her move forward by compensating her for all that she suffered in the car accident, including:

  • Her medical bills to treat her extensive knee injuries
  • Disfigurement
  • Lost wages from treating her knee injuries
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical impairment  

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