Car accident where a silver sedan hits the back of a black SUVBLF Secures Settlement for Fort Worth Man Injured in Car Accident

Our experienced and knowledgeable auto accident attorneys at The Button Law Firm helped a Fort Worth man move forward with his life after he was injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver.  

In September 2020, a Fort Worth man was at a complete stop, yielding to oncoming traffic while attempting to make a left turn. Another driver who was not paying attention then slammed into the back of the man’s vehicle and propelled his car into the oncoming traffic. As you can imagine, the man was seriously injured, and his car was damaged.

The injured driver contacted our skilled legal team to hold the negligent driver accountable for causing the accident. The settlement secured by our personal injury attorneys will help our client heal by covering his existing and future medical treatments, and damage to his vehicle.

Injuries Our Client Suffered in the Car Wreck Caused by a Negligent Driver in Texas

Our client was seriously injured in the car accident and received immediate medical attention at a local emergency room. There, he was treated for:

  • A closed head injury with concussion
  • Cervical spine tenderness
  • Extreme rib pain
  • Thrombocytopenic purpura of the thoracic spine
  • Upper back pain
  • A whiplash injury to the neck

He also experienced breathing issues, blurred vision, and frequent blackouts as a result of the closed head injury, which led him needing to see multiple specialists due to the impact the medical problems were having on his daily life.

Our client sought treatment at a neurologist, where he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). He scored very low for:

  • Complex attention
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Executive function
  • Motor speed
  • Processing speed
  • Simple attention
  • Verbal memory
  • Visual memory

A board-certified musculoskeletal radiologist found that our client sustained multiple disc protrusions and herniations and severe nerve root impingement. A surgeon recommended that our client undergo surgical procedures to relieve pressure from his spinal cord. Also, his medical treatments would need to be ongoing.

In addition to his physical injuries, our client continues to struggle with finding words when holding a conversation, and he has developed a stutter. He is also unable to fish or cook, two of his favorite hobbies, because the numbness he experiences in his left arm does not allow him to hold a fishing pole, barbecue tool, or a pan.

How The Settlement Secured by Our Experienced DFW Car Wreck Attorneys Helped

Our Texas car wreck lawyers fought to ensure that our client recovered from the great amount of suffering that he experienced because of this crash. The settlement secured by our legal team compensated him for the extensive medical treatments—current and future—required to help him heal from his injuries and move forward.

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