Dog showing its teeth before attacking a person.What Happened?

A North Texas man can move forward with his life after surviving two vicious dog attacks thanks to the legal team at The Button Law Firm. We fought hard to secure a settlement against the negligent property owner and company that managed the home of the dog owner, who lived next door to the survivor of the dog attacks.

Our client was attacked by a neighbor’s large dog when the dangerous animal burst through a shared wooden privacy fence, grabbed hold of the man’s left foot and threw him to the ground. Dog bites and attacks are not incidents to be taken lightly—our client's foot, leg, and back were seriously hurt in this attack.

A certified letter was sent to the homeowner and property management company shortly after, alerting them about the attack and vicious dog living on their property. Unfortunately, neither party did anything to investigate the incident, repair the privacy fence, inspect the property, or remove the dog.

Their inaction led to a second attack when the same dog broke through a different section of the shared privacy fence just two months later. Our client was viciously attacked again in his own backyard, this time biting his other foot, jumping on him, and knocking him over, severely injuring both his feet and back, which required multiple operations. Experiencing two attacks by the same dog in a short period of time was traumatic for our client and has permanently impacted his quality of life. The incidents left him in a debilitating state with physical pain and mental anguish. He’s no longer able to do basic household chores or visit his son, who lives out of state.

How The Button Law Firm Helped in This Dog Bite Case

Thankfully, our experienced personal injury and premises liability lawyers were able to hold the negligent property owner and management company accountable for the dog’s dangerous behavior and for creating unsafe conditions for the next-door neighbor, our client. The settlement will help our client move forward with his life and cover expenses related to his extensive medical treatments, future care, and services to help him recover psychologically.

Know Texas Premises Liability and Animal Laws

In a nutshell: Premises liability incidents are incidents that occur either on or involving another person’s property. In Texas, premises liability laws classify pets as a type of property. People who are attacked by a dog, like our client, can seek compensation for their injuries based on the dog owner’s negligence, lack of communication or knowledge about the dog’s history of dangerous behavior, violation of leash laws, or intent to harm someone. 

In this case, the second dog attack was entirely preventable if the homeowner and management company had taken the proper and responsible steps from the moment they were made aware of the first attack. Instead, they were notified of the first attack and neglected to do anything to protect their neighbor, our client, from the second attack, which turned his life upside down.

We fight for our clients to make communities safer and did just that by securing a settlement for this client so he could continue to move forward in life.

How We Can Help You with Your Dog Bite or Animal Attack Case in Texas

If you or a loved one was attacked by a dog or animal, contact our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm. The laws are not straightforward with these cases, so this is where our experienced team can help you, just like our client in the case described. With attorneys in Dallas, Houston, and Midland, we can guide you after a traumatizing incident involving a dog bite or animal attack and determine the best path forward. Call us at 214-699-4409 or fill out a contact form.

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