Spine damaged after car wreck.

The Result of Reckless Driving in Texas?

In November of 2018, a large commercial vehicle slammed into the back right side of our client’s vehicle on a highway in Mesquite, Texas, totaling our client’s car and severely injuring him. There was clear liability – the driver of the large vehicle was responsible for this crash, as he displayed recklessness while driving.

After this incident occurred, our client suffered from severe and ongoing physical pain. So much so that he had to go to multiple specialists around the Dallas-Fort Worth area to discover the full extent of what had happened to him and learn about treatment options for his painful injuries.

What Were Some of the Personal Injuries Sustained?

Our client experienced severe and painful injuries, primarily to his spine. His day-to-day life became difficult, as he continuously suffered from nerve-related headaches and severe back pain. He went to over half a dozen doctors, all recommending varying treatments for the damage to his nerves, which was causing him this excruciating pain.

A list of the injuries, diagnosed by our client’s medical providers, can be seen here:

Not only are these injuries painful, but they also require months, if not years, of physical therapy, medication, surgery, and doctor’s visits to see real progress toward recovery. It was time-consuming and costly for our client to work on getting better. Additionally, our client, having suffered from losing security in the health he once had, began to experience anxiety about his future. He was working hard in school to advance his career, but with the physical pain this crash caused, he will always have future pain and will be limited to what he can do in that job. His life was forever changed because of that wreck.

How Did Our Car Accident Attorneys Come to Their Aid?

Our client reached out to us, looking for answers. He needed solutions for all the hardships he was facing at that moment, and when we saw what our client was going through, we knew we had to help.

Our team worked together to investigate the crash and uncover how the crash caused his injuries. The person who hit our client failed to use reasonable care and caution when driving his vehicle, ultimately harming our client with damage that is practically irreversible.

When driving a large vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, the driver is responsible for following all safety procedures while on the road. Yet, in this case, the driver of the large vehicle chose to ignore the rules of the road. Our team holds drivers like these accountable for the damage and pain that they cause to others. Nobody should suffer from the pain that our client did and continues to suffer from.

Ultimately, we were able to help our client move forward with the tools he needed to get better, including payments for past medical procedures and help for future medical procedures and therapy he needs. Although the injuries he sustained can never be undone, we are grateful for the opportunity to help him move forward through this difficult challenge in his life.

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