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When community leaders work hard and give back, we support them. Our firm has endorsed several different education and back-to-school programs over the years. One specific back-to-school event we supported was for Marcus Moore. He is such a hardworking and caring man that gives everything he has to his community. We wanted to help him in any way we could. The Button Law Firm donated BLF gear along with school supplies for families that needed it for their kids. It was a big success.

After the event, we developed a great relationship with Marcus. He handed out our cards and loved receiving our monthly newsletter called Hot Button Issues. A few years later, he gave us a call that we do not like to get from people in the BLF community.


What Happened

In June of 2019, Marcus was t-boned by a driver that failed to stop at an intersection and slammed into the drivers side door of Marcus' car. The impact was so severe that it ruptured his patella tendon and required extensive knee reconstruction surgery. The surgery was very invasive and made him bedridden for several weeks and in crutches for several months. It was a long slow process to get back on his feet.

While he was recovering, Marcus was out of work for over six months and put on disability during that time. Since he lived alone, he needed a lot of help. Thankfully, we knew how to help him throughout this process.


How We Helped

Marcus called us right away and wanted us to jump in immediately to handle everything for him so he could focus on getting his life back together and moving forward. 

First, we were able to guide him to resolve his property damage claim quickly and easily. 

Next, we were able to help track his medical appointments to make sure he got to each doctor he needed. Tracking his care helped him have peace of mind that he was getting the help he needed. We know that undergoing major knee surgery and working through the worker compensation program in Texas is not easy. With our guidance, Marcus was able to work through it with total peace of mind.

After he began to recover from his major knee surgery, Marcus was able to get into a good physical therapy program. Each week we touched base with Marcus to learn what he was going through so we could convey that to the insurance company. 


Cutting Edge Demands

When Marcus finished treatment, we had his demand package ready to go. The entire team worked on the demand so that when we submitted it to the insurance company, they were able to see that this was a life-changing accident. During negotiations, we did not back down. We kept the pressure on them. After weeks of tedious back and forth, we had a resolution wrapped up. 

In the end, all of his medical bills were entirely taken care of, and he also received enough money to get back on his feet so that he can keep his life moving forward. Even though he had a life-altering injury, we were able to give him closure on this chapter in his life.

We are always thankful when our BLF community makes us their first call. We want to help when we are needed. We hope that none of our BLF community gets involved in catastrophic car or truck wrecks, but when they do, we have the team and resources to act quickly. 





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