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What Happened?

A DFW company had a parking lot where the public would park to walk up to their building. Half of the parking lot was recently repaved due to numerous safety issues for their customers and employees. However, the DFW company made the choice to leave the other half in its unsafe condition. On June 20, 2014, our client parked her car and stepped out. Her left foot got stuck in a crack that had developed in between the old pavement and the new pavement. It caused her to twist and fall hard. She tried to break her fall. This caused her to shatter her forearm and wrist. It required emergency surgery and a plate with screws that will be left in her for the rest of her life. She had months of therapy to try to get back to her new normal.

How We Helped

Luckily, we were called the next day. We immediately sent out someone to take photos of the parking lot to show the different sides as well as the area that our client’s foot got stuck in. Not surprisingly, less than a week later, we went back out to the site to take more photos and the company had repaved the entire parking lot to remove all unsafe conditions. After months of the insurance company for this DFW company denying liability and responsibility on its own, we sent a final demand that showed how this fall was completely preventable. We gave them the photos of the lot the day of the fall and the lot less than a week later, which was all the adjuster had seen up until that point. On the last day before we filed the lawsuit, the insurance company caved and realized we had caught them in a lie. They paid our complete demand in a timely manner.

Because our client called us immediately, we were able to catch a company in their attempt to cover-up the dangerous condition. We had the evidence that they didn’t want us to have. Additionally, through my reputation as a trial lawyer, we were able to stand strong and not be afraid to file the lawsuit when we said we would. This combination is what got this case settled far beyond what the insurance company wanted to pay.