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intoxicated and high driver behind the wheel in DallasTruck Accident Results in Fatal Aftermath in Texas

On July 11, 2015 in Reagan County, Texas, a blazing fire burned the occupants of two vehicles. The at-fault driver was a commercial driver working in the oil fields and was leaving a job site. He was drunk and high on cocaine. He ran a stop sign and crashed into a vehicle driven by a husband of our client and father of 3 from a prior relationship. Our client’s husband was on his way home to Arizona after a work stretch in the oil fields.

Our client’s husband was killed and then burned in the flames. Our client got the fateful call that everyone dreads happening. It stopped her in her tracks. Because our client and her husband were from Columbia, our client immediately took time off work to coordinate getting the body down to his family in Columbia. Our client works for the government in the DMV in Arizona. It took her several days to coordinate this and then fly down to Columbia to ensure it got there safely.

Throughout this process and when she returned home, her husband’s belongings were everywhere. They served as constant reminders of what was and what they had. We all know that memories last forever and cannot be erased.

The Approach of our Experienced Auto Accident Litigation Team

We were referred the case by an Arizona lawyer that wanted The Button Law Firm to be lead counsel. Russell Button and his team immediately reached out to the other Plaintiffs’ lawyers and began working on a plan of action to get the case moving forward. Our firm intervened into the lawsuit to see wrongful death benefits since our client lost her husband in this horrific crash.

When it was our client’s turn to give her deposition in the case, Russell Button flew out to Arizona to work on preparing his client for her deposition. As our clients and referral lawyers know, Russell takes pride in preparing his clients for their depositions. He works with them until they feel they are ready to be a superstar in their depositions. The defense knows that when our clients are going to be deposed, they will ultimately end up being the best witnesses in the case. Our client did an amazing job. She was able to dig deep and bring to light how this case affected her and describe the man that her husband was. She was able to describe the relationship they had and what she missed the most about it.

The Defense tried to claim that our client was not really married to her husband despite the fact that all other Plaintiffs in the case agreed, we had Court documents showing that a Judge had married them, and all other sorts of documents showing their marriage was real. The defense was just trying to pull the Plaintiffs apart and get them fighting. Russell and his client honestly thought this was disrespectful and insulting. It became a new element of damages in the case.

However, Russell made sure to work with his fellow lawyers on this case and maintain a group effort to get this case resolved. The defense lawyers and insurance company thought they could get a discount by making everyone fight about money, but in the end, it ended up being a case about the dangerous violation of safety rules that protect us all on the roads. This was a case where the full policy limits needed to be paid without trying to destroy the dignity of Russell’s client. The full policy limits were paid on this claim, which Russell’s client received her confidential share since there were other wrongful death beneficiaries that received amounts out of the full policy limits.

Why Was This An Important Case For All Drivers and Family Members?

At The Button Law Firm, we know how important it is to help our clients achieve closure. However, we also want to make our community safer. This case was no different.

Our client stood firm on the fact that she lost her best friend, confidant, husband, and lover. She will never be able to hug him, touch him, tell him “I love you”, or hear his voice ever again. That is gone forever. Her right to live a life full of love and happiness with the man she chose to be her husband was taken from her because someone else chose to drive drunk and high on cocaine. That is not okay on our Texas roads. The fact the insurance company for the at-fault driver paid the full policy limits shows the fact that they realize that is true as well.

Russell and his team at The Button Law Firm do not allow their clients to be drug through dirt and mud that insurance company defense lawyers try to put us through. We help our clients take the high road and receive closure while we take on insurance company full force The Button Law Firm way.

How Can We Help You or Your Loved Ones?

We represent the victims of commercial vehicle and 18-wheeler truck wreck cases all throughout Texas. This case was specifically filed in Regan county and had ties to Midland county. You can also email Russell personally at [email protected]. We are here for you.

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