tire rolling down the highway without a carReckless driving has no place on the road, yet time and time again, drivers across Texas continue to drive with complete disregard for the rules. When others drive irresponsibly and cause an injury or even death, they must be held accountable. 

An Unlicensed Speeding Driver in Texas

In July of 2016, two drivers were headed north in Collin County, Texas. One of the drivers was distracted and weaving in and out of their lane, as the other was following too closely and going too fast. One hit the other and caused a major wreck leaving a tire to fly off the lead car. The tire stayed in the roadway and subsequently another car couldn’t avoid the tire causing her to go airborne into a telephone pole. Each of the drivers in the prior wreck blamed each other for reckless driving. 

Our client sustained major damages to her head, body, and leg. She had several surgeries and grafting. She lived every day in pain. Eventually, she needed an amputation of her leg above the knee. She had fought it off for nearly two years but couldn’t deal with it anymore. The day before her amputation, she passed away as a result of her injuries. We will forever miss our client.

The Benefit of Having a Texas Auto Accident Law Firm at your Side

Our client came to our amazing co-counsel, Scott Snellings, after she had been turned down by other lawyers. Scott looked at the case and immediately called us. Once we looked at the case and started digging, we discovered that the tire had not just been a random object on the street that our client didn’t see. We discovered it had just fallen off the cars in front after they were involved in a wreck. Our client didn’t have an option or choice of avoiding the tire.

The statute of limitations was coming up, which in Texas is two years. This means two years from the date of an injury to file your lawsuit or you will forever lose your claim. Our teams worked together to get this case on file and get all responsible parties served. We did this.

Our client was excited lawyers believed in her and her case. She was working hard in her recovery and we were working hard together on her case. We talked to the independent witnesses on her case and they were favorable for us.

Unfortunately, a couple of months after we filed her case, she passed away as a result of her injuries. She needed an amputation and died the day before. This was extremely tragic and devastating. She left two young boys behind and a new husband. We protected the family by not allowing them to be deposed during this tough time and worked to get them into family counseling and grief counseling. They needed to grieve and get closure on this.

We worked with the family to get the probate process started so we could transition the case from a catastrophic injury case to a wrongful death case. It took about six months to complete this process, but once we did, we immediately turned up the pressure again.

Cutting Edge Demands – Never Letting Up

Our team never lets up on the defense lawyers and insurance companies. They know that when we are involved in a case, we never stop fighting for our clients. Our clients want justice and closure, and we try not to keep them waiting long.

In this case, we set up the depositions of all defendants and sent letters to their insurance companies telling them to resolve the case before their depositions because their clients do not want to go through with this. They want closure and want them paid.

Ultimately, the Friday before the week of the depositions, both insurance companies paid their full policy limits. In the end, we were able to make sure the family didn’t have to pay any of the medical bills back and all the money went toward the family and the kids' future.

Unfortunately, our client did not have UM/UIM insurance or PIP insurance. Make sure if you have auto insurance, go get UM/UIM and PIP protection. If you want to learn more, send us your car insurance policy at [email protected]. Our team will walk you through what kinds of coverages you have, and what you may need to add to keep yourself protected. 

For Our Referral Lawyers and Co-Counsel Lawyers

Our team enjoys working with different attorneys across the State of Texas and across the county. Whether an attorney refers us a case to handle completely, or an attorney works side-by-side as a co-counsel with us, we are happy to start new referral relationships. One of our best examples is Attorney Scott Snellings, mentioned above. Scott and his team have not only been amazing co-counsel to work with, but they have also become friends of our firm. We work together with all our referral and co-counsel attorneys to ensure cases are moving along quickly and efficiently.

Why Was This An Important Case For All Drivers?

This case was an important message to the community that driving safely can prevent a subsequent wreck. It is not just those involved but also those behind. Our client was on her way home from work when the tire flew off and caused her to go airborne. Lesson learned – don’t drive distracted and don’t drive aggressively. In the end, this family got closure and is moving on one day at a time. We were glad that we were there for this family when all other lawyers had given up on them.

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