Woman in neck brace because of car wreckA woman in Katy was rear-ended by a negligent driver driving over the 60-mph speed limit and left seriously injured in December 2020. Her left knee slammed into her vehicle’s dashboard, and her head and neck violently snapped back and forth upon impact. First responders removed the woman from her car and took her to a nearby emergency room to be evaluated and treated for her injuries.

Wisely, she called upon our Texas car wreck lawyers to hold the negligent driver accountable for causing the destructive rear-end collision. Our legal team at The Button Law Firm fought to get her justice and secure a settlement to help her move forward.

Settlement Secured by The Button Law Firm Helped Katy Woman Move Forward

There were no obstructions in the road where the wreck occurred, and the driver who caused the accident was familiar with the road—he traveled it every day to and from work. Thus, there were no excuses for him to be a negligent driver at the time of the wreck that injured the Katy woman.

Unfortunately, the woman’s injuries required extensive medical attention. Initially after the crash, first responders immobilized her on a backboard with a cervical collar and transported her to the emergency room at a hospital in Katy. There, doctors ordered radiological imaging to check for broken bones and directed her to take pain medication for her extensive pain. Upon leaving the emergency room, her knee injured in the crash buckled, causing her to fall and fracture her right wrist.

Upon further evaluation at a rehab facility, the woman learned she had fractured the lower end of her left radius. She experienced pain in the right wrist, right shoulder, and left knee joint; cervical radiculopathy (a pinched nerve); and a tear of articular cartilage in her left knee. Doctors placed her on a treatment plan that spanned several months and included electrical stimulation, mechanical traction, therapeutic exercises, and manipulation of several regions.

Due to her continued pain, she underwent an MRI and was referred to a specialist to treat her knee, neck, and back. The specialist recommended a transforaminal nerve root block and surgery to relieve her cervical and lumbar pain. However, even after the medical procedures, she still experienced neck and low back pain caused by the crash.

A second specialist examined the woman’s knee, and diagnosed her with a torn ACL and a torn lateral meniscus with peripheral migration and high-grade chondromalacia in the lateral compartment. This specialist prescribed ongoing treatment to heal the woman’s knee injuries.

As you can tell, the woman’s serious injuries from the car wreck left her with chronic pain—she ached aching from head to foot. The sharp and continuous pain made restful sleep impossible and made it difficult to perform basic activities, from brushing her teeth to showering and walking.

In addition to her physical injuries, she experienced significant anxiety and feared for her life.  

Our lawyers fought to ensure that the Katy woman recovered what she physically and emotionally lost from the wreck caused by the negligent driver. Thanks to the settlement secured by our firm, our client was able to recoup her costly medical expenses, get compensated for emotional damages, and move forward with her life.

The Button Law Firm Can Help After a Car Wreck Caused by a Negligent Driver

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