wet floor sign on a restaurant floorSometimes cases are referred to us from past clients and others are referred to us from fellow lawyers. This particular case was referred to us from a friend of ours – Scott DeSalvo – in Chicago. Thank you, Scott, for thinking of us to help you be a hero to your client.

The Cause of This Texas Personal Injury Incident

Late in the summer of 2017, a fast-food restaurant was short-staffed and had managers arguing with one another. As a result of the internal discord at this restaurant that was already short-staffed, no one took care of the serious leak coming from the HVAC unit near the front door. The floor was all tile which becomes slippery when moist. This particular day, the water from the leak was coming down like rain. None of the staff cleaned it up, and nobody put warning signs up. No one warned customers about this slippery surface. 

On that same day, a teenager was going to pick up his last check from his former employer before heading off to start college. Our client was the first in his family to attend college and he was excited to pursue his dreams. When he walked in the entry doors, he didn't notice that the front of the restaurant was slippery. However, on his way out, he was not as lucky and slipped and fell with another person witnessing the entire incident. He fell on his outstretched hand to catch himself, and it snapped. You could see the injury right away.

How Did Our Well Versed Personal Injury Lawyers Help?

A lawyer who refers cases to our firm called us - they knew that we could help this client with his injury. We met with him the day before his first surgery. The client had a few questions:

  1. How are my medical bills going to get paid?
  2. If health insurance pays my medical bills, do I have to reimburse my health insurance?
  3. How does the process work with your firm?
  4. Who will work on my case?
  5. Have you handled these cases before?

As soon as he walked in our door, we were able to put his mind at ease explaining that his medical bills were paid by his health insurance, so they would not go to collections. We assured him that any settlement would include enough money to reimburse his health insurance for their subrogation claim. My team and I walked him through which team members would be handling the different aspects of his case. Once he was able to put a face with the name, everything went smoothly from then on. He saw that every single person at our firm works on each case we handle with care, compassion, and understanding.

We walked him through how these cases have gone for our clients in the past and let him know the differing details involved in his specific case. Ultimately, he felt comfortable knowing that we had experience handling cases like his before and that we were ready to fight on his behalf. 

What Happens When Pursuing a Claim

When our client came in here, he needed reassurance that we had his back. We worked with him and he understood that we really meant that we treat all our clients like family. We want to get to know them, open communication with them, and help them achieve justice and closure from someone else irresponsibility.

On top of this, our client was just starting college as his case went on. College is hard enough for a freshman. Imagine having your dominant hand in a brace or cast your entire freshman year – not being able to write to take notes or tests, not being able to carry much, and not being able to work when you want to.

Our client didn't just lose the ability to use his arm - it drastically affected his day-to-day life in college. But, our client was motivated to get better and get his life back. As soon as he was able to, our client began physical therapy to try and regain strength in his arm. We know that the circumstances were difficult, but we're so proud of our client for working hard to get his life back on track.

When we made a claim against the fast-food company's insurance, they did not want to offer a penny to help our client get better. So, we filed a lawsuit. We worked with our client to make sure he was prepared for court - though it can be overwhelming, our client did a great job of stating the facts and giving his testimony. We knew that after the defense witnesses gave their testimony, the jury would be in our favor. Ultimately, the case was resolved after mediation. 

Why Was This An Important Case For Our Community?

Any business that allows members of the public to come in must keep their premises safe for all. This includes ensuring that if there is a leak causing a slippery walking surface to guard the area until it can be fixed and cleaned up. This is simple and easy. Now, businesses know from this case that the simple things matter too because someone can be seriously injured when floors are not safe. 

Where Is He Now?

Our client is still a close friend of the firm and always will be. He is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University and will be taking the LSAT to get entry into law school once he graduates. As a result of the settlement, we all became mentors to him. We helped him create a budget, set up a bank account and savings account.

We can’t wait to see what he is able to accomplish in his life and career.

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