Valerie Gotcher is the Founder and Executive Director at BIND

Valerie is a very kind, and sympathetic to the needs of others. She likes to know what motivates and drives people.” Valerie has learned that being book smart does not always mean success.
Valerie is also an honest and transparent people’s person. She graduated from UNT Denton with a Bachelors in Child Development and Psychology as well as a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. 

Valerie has been married for 16 years. Her husband is a graphic designer in the gaming industry. (How cool is that?) They have two children together. 

Valerie’s daughter, who is 9 years old, is an animal enthusiast. She has a true heart and tremendous patience for small animals. Her daughter has a cat, a leopard gecko, and a mouse! Valerie believes she is learning responsibility through the care of her animals and she has learned to embrace the challenges that have come with it. 

Her son, who is 7 years old, loves anything related to automobiles and planes. He also really enjoys playing the drums. He attends a school of Rock. Valerie, being the awesome mom she isValerie Gotcher with children has learned to play the drums with her son. 

Valerie and her family love traveling. They just took a trip to Pagosa, Colorado Springs and Durango, Colorado. Valerie also enjoys swimming, going on hikes in the mountains, doing yoga and reading books. 

Apart from being a wonderful devoted mother and wife, she is also the Founder and Executive Director of BIND. BIND is a nonprofit social service that helps adults who have suffered a brain injury by engaging them in a community where their “depression will be reduced, increasing the return to gainful employment or productive community volunteering in survivors, and improvement of quality of life for those affected by acquired brain injury.” 

Valerie’s proudest moment at BIND is the first day they opened. She described it as “everything [feeling] real at that point.” Her favorite moment was when they were unpacking office supplies, she mentioned that they wrote our their core values that same day which they still adhere to today.

BIND teamRussell is the Vice President of the Board of Directors at BIND. Valerie said that Russell is “fantastic, he is intelligent and witty. He is always available to me when I reach out whether it’s personal or has to do with the organization. He is very compassionate in everything he does. This shows in what he does with BIND.” 

Valerie envisions BIND will be settled in a new permanent facility and will also have two additional locations opened around Texas in the next 5 years. 

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