Dallas Fort Worth's The Meat Shop owners Lowell and Storm SandsFollow Lover’s Lane going west, and you’ll find yourself at The Meat Shop. Started by Texan brothers Lowell and Storm Sands, this local butchery and eatery is the only place you can buy meat from Rosewood Ranch, which is prized for its high-quality, Texas-raised wagyu beef. You’ll also find house-made sauces and condiments, freshly made sandwiches, local beer and wine, and mouthwatering sides.

It’s helpful to know a little background about Rosewood Ranch to fully appreciate the meat that comes from this Lone Star State treasure. Started by John Sands, Rosewood Ranch has been part of Texas legacy since the 1850s, and it remains committed to maintaining the land, following sustainable agriculture, and raising the highest quality livestock. Rosewood has had one ranch manager for the last 35 years, ensuring the quality and care of the animals has been maintained over the decades.

You can taste the difference in the meat that comes from Rosewood, and thankfully, it’s available in a variety of cuts at The Meat Shop. From getting the perfect cut of wagyu beef, taking it home, and slapping it on the grill to sitting down with friends and enjoying a freshly made brisket-pastrami Reuben on marbled rye with a pint of local pilsner, The Meat Shop offers up some delicious options.

You can imagine how excited everyone at The Button Law Firm was when, after moving to our new location in the Love Field neighborhood, we found ourselves just across the street from this local butcher and eatery. It didn’t take long for us to take advantage of our proximity to The Meat Shop and try it out. The shop’s staff members are enthusiastic about what they have to offer, and they will happily help you find the best cut of steak and instruct you on how to cook it to perfection. We’re excited to feature them this month and share this Texas treasure with you.

A big thanks goes out to The Meat Shop for donating brisket and ribs to us at our open house as a gift for moving into the neighborhood. We appreciate that so much! You can find out more about The Meat Shop at MeatShopTX.com.

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