Christian and Maria are the husband-and-wife team behind Red Star Bicycles, a local DFW bike shop that carries a range of brands and styles from entry-level bikes and high-end BMX bikes to recumbents. Recently, they’ve added custom-built electric bikes to their inventory, which they build from scratch in the shop.

In many ways, the story of Red Star Bicycles starts with Christian’s father. “My father was a professional cyclist,” Christian explains. “Growing up, I learned all the ways to ride and fix a bike. Cycling was Dad’s passion, and it became mine. He got me into racing and professional cycling, and I worked in different bike shops owned by my mother’s family.”

If you couldn’t already tell, Christian and Maria are passionate about sharing the joys of cycling with their community by connecting each person with their perfect bike. “The first question we ask a customer is where they’re going to be riding. That tells us a lot,” Christian says. “That way, we can find the right bike for them.”

In addition to matching people with a ride that fits their needs, Red Star Bicycles Shop also hosts weekly group rides and monthly social rides. The rides have been growing as Red Star Bicycles’ fan base grows. “We see more riders every time, especially in warmer weather,” Christian says. “We want to get in better shape together — mentally and physically — and have fun.” One of Christian’s favorite rides is the newer Skyline Trail along the Trinity River. “It was built five years ago, about the same time we opened our shop,” he says.

Red Star Bicycles celebrates its fifth year in business this April, and Christian and Maria plan to celebrate both their customers and their community. It’s their love for what they do that keeps them excited to open the shop each day. “Every time someone walks through our door and says ‘I’m looking for a new bike,’ it creates happiness for me, thinking they’re going to do what I love,” Christian says. “It’s about helping people do what I’m doing — enjoying life on a bicycle.”

You can learn more about Red Star Bicycles Shop and their group rides at or by calling them at 214-741-6069, and stop on in next time you’re in the neighborhood. Christian and Maria will be happy to help you enjoy life on a bike as much as they do!

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