Flower Child logoLovers’ Lane is indeed for lovers — lovers of great food! What was once a tree-lined dirt road that attracted amorous young couples is now home to a myriad of businesses, including the fresh health-food oriented eatery Flower Child. “Healthy food for a happy world” is the restaurant’s slogan, and it’s easy to see why when you step into the bright space. Positive messages like “Radiate from within” line the walls. Flower Child uses local ingredients and works with local farmers and ranchers to source their food. Everything is made fresh, and it tastes like it. The menu features a variety of produce and protein, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Their signature salads include the aptly named Strawberry Fields and Vietnamese Crunch. We also suggest trying their “bowls,” like the Late Riser, which is a dish with eggs, quinoa, chilies, salsa, avocado, yogurt, and queso blanco. Another reliably delicious choice is the Thai Cashew Quinoa, featuring zucchini, snap peas, celery, onion, shiitake mushrooms, jalapenos, Thai basil, cashews, and red quinoa. Add chicken, salmon, steak, or tofu to any of these dishes or pair them with a plate, with everything from grilled asparagus to spicy Japanese eggplant to choose from. To wash it down, Flower Child has a diverse beverage menu that includes fresh-daily juice, on-tap kombucha, iced tea, and seasonal lemonade. There’s also a “Healthy Kids” section of the menu that is just as nutritional as the grown-up version. When you find yourself in Dallas craving a meal that makes you feel better about eating out, Flower Child offers some mouth-watering options. Russell’s favorites? The kale salad with chicken and the soup of the day. Find out more about Flower Child and order online at iamaflowerchild.com.
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