Attorney Russell Button with Handyman EduardoCan you please tell us a little about yourself?

Hello everybody, my name is Eduardo. I've been here in the DFW area that is for more than 25, 26 years. I started my business around five, six years ago, and I started working on big companies for building houses or accident trailer, mobile home, or hospital homes. I started learning there everything how to install doors, windows, how to do sheet wall repairs, also electrical, plumbing. After that we moved into the maintenance on apartment complexes and I was there for a couple of years. I started there from potter to supervisor so that's what made think of my own business. That’s what gave me the courage to start my own business so that way I can help everybody from the small repairs to something big, if we can.

So you’ve been for quite a while and you worked your way up from basically the bottom to owning your own business?

Yes, we started. Right now, it's a little hard right now, but I wish that this is going to be better.

Tell us a little bit about the stuff that you do that can help someone out.

We help everybody with the small repairs... The difference between other companies and myself is that I help them find a good plumber or electrician that is going to be responsible and do the job [if the repair is too big.] It's the way we help the people and if the plumber or electrician breaks the wall or messes up the paint, we can repair it for them.

Well, that's a lot of the way that we are at t The Button Law Firm is if it's something that we don't do we make sure to find a lawyer that I would hire for that same thing.

You know what the best thing is about you, Ed? This is for everybody that wants to hire Ed in the future, and I highly recommend it, is Ed you're the first person I'll call for anything construction related that showed up on time. You told me exactly when you were going to be there and you were actually early; I was running a little late. You were on time and tell everybody a little bit about why you pride yourself on making sure you're on time, and you're clean, and you clean up after yourself.

I will be there at the exact time when I said I was going to be there. This is important because my client might have something else to do and I don't want to waste their time or make the mad and they will never call me back. Every day I try to get more people and make them happy. If I get it wrong the first time then something wrong is going to happen later.

The first impression means everything, right?

Yes, so I try to be liked.

Well, we definitely like you. I can tell you that. So, do you work all over DFW?

We work; we try to work in all the Metorplex because I don't want to stay without work. Not because the work isn't done. I have to do it because everybody needs the help and I need a job.

Okay, let's talk about Ed personally for a second. So, your girlfriend is here with you today.


She kind of helps you sometimes when you do projects outside of homes; when you do some gardening and different things like that. Tell us a little bit about that.

Yes, I like to work with her because as a guy we sometimes don't see something that a girl could, you know? And maybe I did something wrong and I won't notice, but she's going to notice and she's going to tell me "Ed fix this here."

So, she's your quality control manager? That's great to have.

Yes. As an example, when we are outside working on the gardens - I like flowers but I know nothing about them. She knows a lot about flowers. She’s helped me; she tells me what kind of flower has to be around, what's looking good, what's flowers need more sunlight and what would work best in shade. That’s a way we work together. She likes to focus on the cleaning.

That's important. That's important because you don't want to leave a mess when you go and repair some people's houses. You don't want to leave a mess when you leave.

No, because we don’t want our clients to be mad.

You got a girlfriend, but you also got some dogs. Tell everybody about your dogs.

I have a lot of dogs. I have six dogs. Romana and Bailey, those are two little Maltese’s. We have Paloma who is a husky and we have Tahlia. Tahlia is the oldest. She's 18 years old, she’s a border collie. We also have two Rotties. One is 1 year old and the other is 5 years old.

Everybody who knows my law firm knows that everybody here has dogs. We love animals at The Button Law Firm. We kind of, we relate, if that makes sense. So how did you get into having so many dogs? Have you always grown up with dogs? Or how'd you get into that?

Well I’ve always had dogs. But these dogs I rescued from the street like Thalia, I found her in the street when she was a puppy maybe like one or two months old. I found her original owner and he just told me, "I just drop her in the streets because I don't like her." I had to keep her.

That's sad. Well I found Chuie and I found her when I was walking with my folks up by lake Texoma one morning and she had been out on the street for a while and wouldn't leave us. She was dirty and hungry and we took her in and now she’s going to be eight in October. She's my best friend.

That's a pretty good dog.

Well, what else do you like to do for fun?

We like to go cooking outside like at the lake and parks. We go with my nephews, with my nieces, and having all the family around. And walking dogs!

So other than fixing houses and doing what they need to have done, and hanging out with your dogs and your family, you're just here to run Ed and help serve people's needs, right?

Yes, actually the family is very close. They work with me. If I need to have a large group to work in the house I call my family and friends.

So you can trust them? And you know where they are.

Yes, if they do something wrong I will know who to come after.

Well everybody if you need something done around your house, I highly recommend Ed's. Like I said, he has been great for my family; doing repairs and keeping me out of trouble. He's on speed dial for me. So, anything that goes wrong Ed gets called, he's out there, and he's on time. I can promise you that he's going to do a great job.



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