K-9 Fitness Center and Spa owner, Kimberly HamiltonIn honor of National Pet Day on April 11, we wanted to bring attention to our wonderful neighbor, Mrs. Kimberly Hamilton! She is the owner of Kimberly’s K-9 Fitness Center and Spa, an all-inclusive retreat for dogs. They offer daycare, boarding, grooming, training, massages, and bathing. The facility is completely cage-free and has indoor rooms, a backyard, and plenty of friends for dogs to socialize with. Kimberly has been in business for 16 years and loves serving her loyal clientele.

When we asked how she came up with the business idea, Kimberly shared her story. It all started with a group project in college. Kimberly suggested a “dog spa” where a dog could come work out and be pampered. After the group’s presentation, everybody was in awe of the concept. Kimberly gained confidence in her idea, and shortly after, she gave her two weeks notice at the local vet’s office where she worked. She was ready to pursue her dream of dogs being taken care of properly and not just left in a cage when taken to daycare. Kimberly sees pets as more than just animals — she sees them as family. Her team is made up of people who share the same values; they’re dog lovers who believe in what the company stands for and want to be part of the bigger vision.

In the next five years, Kimberly wants to open five more fitness centers and spas. She’s always envisioned multiple locations that provide customized care for a small number of dogs rather than one big location with hundreds of dogs. She wants all of her team members and the dogs they care for to get to know each other and develop relationships. Because her team knows every detail about the dogs at their location, they can provide better care and spot changes in behavior.

One of Kimberly’s proudest moments, in addition to keeping her business running through the financial crisis thanks to loyal clients, was when her second location opened. Kimberly’s K-9 Fitness Center and Spa currently have three locations throughout Dallas. We are excited to see this local business grow and watch Kimberly accomplish her goals! Learn more at their website, Kimberlysk9spa.com/, and Instagram, @kimberlysk9spas. 

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