Daycare Injury Attorney, Russell Button, with Caroline SherburneThe Button Law Firm strongly believes in the power of education. It’s one of the reasons we encourage our employees to follow their dreams at law school, and it’s also one of the reasons we believe in better daycare options for our children.

We’re also very grateful for the educators in our community. For that reason, we’d like to highlight Caroline Sherburne. We got to know Caroline first when she was a client with us, and her zest for life and passion for teaching inspired us. Caroline is originally from San Francisco but moved to Texas to be closer to her children. They ended up moving to New York, but she stayed right here. This month, we sat down with her to learn more about her and the work she does for our students and community.

It’s apparent right away how dedicated she is to her students — she’s been working at the same school in Southlake for the past 16 years. As a teacher’s aid for 9th- and 10th-grade students, Caroline works one-on-one with students who have disabilities, helping them to improve in geometry, algebra, and chemistry, as well as occasionally helping with history and art.

Outside of work, Caroline stays active with her varied interests. She is very close to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She has a son and daughter who live on the East Coast, and she visits them often. Giving back is very important for Caroline. She volunteers at local homeless shelters, where she’s been on the board for seven years and has been volunteering with North Texas Charities for 13 years.

Music is very important to her, too. In fact, she sang in operas when she was younger! These days, she continues her love of music by singing in her church’s choir. She also enjoys sewing and embroidery, gardening, traveling, and staying active. She’s played tennis since she was 12, and Caroline says she’s kept up with athletic pursuits her whole life. She considers her active lifestyle one of the reasons why she healed quickly after her car accident.

Thank you, Caroline, for sharing your amazing stories with us! Speaking of education, when we learned how much teachers spend out of their own pockets to better their classrooms and the experiences of their students, we knew we had to get involved. This year, we’ve started a program where we will donate money for classroom supplies to a nominated teacher each month. It’s one of the ways we can give back to our teachers and community. If you know of a teacher you’d like to nominate, please reach out to us!

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