Posted on Mar 04, 2024

Kilgore News Herald features The Button Law Firm's recent daycare negligence case in Irving, TexasIrving, Texas - In a recent feature, the Kilgore News Herald highlighted a significant daycare negligence case that The Button Law Firm's daycare injury attorneys filed against a North Texas daycare. The lawsuit alleges that Miss Bloomingdale's Academy in Irving violated child neglect and daycare safety laws, resulting in a traumatizing incident for a 2-year-old girl in October 2022. Read the full story posted on the Kilgore News Herald here.

Kilgore News Herald Highlights Miss Bloomingdale’s Academy Negligence

According to the article, a disturbing incident occurred when a young girl who was not adequately supervised, managed to exit the facility and access the playground. Shockingly, daycare workers only realized the child was missing when her father arrived for pick-up at the end of the day. Disturbing video footage captured the toddler's unsuccessful attempts to re-enter the daycare center, raising questions about the lapses in supervision and security.

The playground, situated near a busy road and Trinity Elm Fork River, raised further alarms as a damaged fence provided an opening for the toddler to potentially face dangers like drowning, traffic accidents, or abduction.

Multiple Safety Standard Violations at the North Texas Daycare

The article emphasizes the daycare's failure to maintain safety standards, citing a state investigation that found Miss Bloomingdale's Academy in violation of multiple daycare safety laws.

The state investigation noted that the daycare center failed to conduct a proper headcount of the children, document the children being transferred from the playground to each classroom at the facility, properly supervise the children in its care, and maintain playground equipment and fencing.

The Button Law Firm Advocates for Accountability at Negligent Daycare

The article from Kilgore News Herald shared that Veronica Reynolds has initiated legal proceedings on behalf of her daughter, with representation from our team of daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm.

This daycare negligence case underscores the critical need for accountability and adherence to safety regulations in Texas daycare facilities. The Button Law Firm remains committed to ensuring the safety of children and holding negligent daycare centers accountable for their actions.

Contact The Button Law Firm If Your Child Was Injured Due to Negligence at Daycare

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