Russell is really laid back and down to earth. He has your best interests at heart. Russell was more like a friend than anything else. I feel like there’s a real personal level with Russell and he cares about your well-being more than anything else. In general, The Button Law Firm is really easy going and down to earth. I feel like he goes through the steps with you and lets you know what’s happening. He makes you feel comfortable with the whole process.  Everybody was very professional. They treated you like a human being and not just another case. Everyone was polite and professional in their own way, but it also felt so down to earth. Some of my favorite things about the firm would be the comfort level through the whole process. Also, Russell’s approach to the case is a lot different to what I’ve experienced beforehand. His preparation of me for my deposition was great. I would have been a nervous wreck without him preparing me like he did. Russell’s team has been so helpful—Sheba and Teresa made it so easy to understand what they needed from me, which made everything so easy for me and my busy schedule. This would be the only law firm I would recommend to anybody. Unless they had a different case, that Russell doesn’t do, but even then, call Russell and he will get you to the lawyer you need for your case. They are the friendliest and most comforting law firm. Russell treats you like a friend instead of just a client. He’s willing to go out his way and make sure you have the best experience possible. The entire team makes you feel as though you are talking to your friends instead of a law firm.

Collin D., Car Wreck Client from Grand Prairie, Texas