All in one event centers have been popular with kids and their families for decades. I'm talking about the places where families can bowl play arcade games have pizza, and at some places drive bumper cars or do rock climbing walls. And while these activities can be fun for young kids, they can also pose danger if the facility isn't managed correctly.

Most commonly, we see safety being neglected when there are not enough staff, or the staff on hand are not trained to do their job correctly. Injuries to kids at event centers can be caused by unmaintained machinery like escalators or arcade games on kept spaces like wet floors, or on supervised use of the space. Most commonly when games or rides require supervision from staff. But there aren't enough staff to keep an eye on things.

This could be things like playground, ball pits, or rides offered in the facility. We've resolved cases for families whose children had been injured on escalators at one of these facilities.

In one of these examples, the escalator was not maintained or supervised and the child's hand got caught. Unfortunately, his finger had to be amputated.

These companies have a responsibility to keep the people, especially kids, on their property safe. Their failure to do so should not result in harm to innocent people. If your child was seriously injured at an event center, it's important that you take action to hold them accountable. Contact our firm to learn more about filing a claim. Our team will help your family get closure after this traumatic event.

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