A Texas woman is suing her oral surgeon and his practice claiming the dental specialist left part of a surgical instrument inside her jaw, then minimized the mistake when it was discovered in X rays. According to records filed with the Dallas County Courts, Indeera Musa had two dental implants which needed to be replaced.

When Dr. Kirk E. Scott did the surgery January 2020, the suit claims Musa experienced severe pain and issues within days following the procedure, and that the doctor, along with staff, at Stonebriar Facial and Oral Surgery in Frisco dismissed her concerns. The lawsuit then alleges X-rays taken at a follow up appointment five months after the surgery revealed a drillbit inside her jaw.

The suit also claimed staff and Scott downplayed the error. The defendants, in response to the original petition, say they generally denied the material allegations in the suit. CBS 11 also reached out to Scott for comment and is waiting a response. Katie Johnston for CBSN DFW