Boating and drinking is a serious problem. In fact, in 2020, alcohol was a leading contributor of fatal boating wrecks, making up for about 18% of all boating fatalities in the US. Since heading out in the water is often an opportunity for people to unwind and have some fun, many people dangerously indulge in alcohol, and it's dangerous for three main reasons.

First, anyone who operates a boat while under the influence is putting people at risk for serious injury, or even being killed. In many ways, driving a boat is like driving a car. It's a piece of heavy and motorized machinery that can cause serious damage if someone were to get in a wreck. So just like how there are laws to prevent drinking and driving, the same goes for boating. It's up to drivers to operate their boat safely.

Second, even passengers who drink are at risk. Drinking alcohol hinders people's abilities to use their fine motor skills as they normally would. So if someone had too much to drink, and falls overboard, it may be particularly dangerous because their lifesaving instincts may not kick in.

And third, it's just plain risky. Most people tend to spend the entire day out on the boat. That means you're out in the sun, potentially without food or water for hours. Being in that state can make you lightheaded, dizzy, and slow down your reaction time, and that's even without alcoholic drinks into the mix, and it can mean disaster for everyone on board. If practiced safely, boating can be a fun activity. In fact, many of our team members spend their summer weekends out on boats.

We want to provide this information as a resource to make your day on the water a safe one. However, if you were hurt by a reckless voter, you may have a legal claim against them. It's important to review all of your options. When getting justice for your injury. Be sure to speak to a member of our team. We help people get the recovery they need after a life altering injury.


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