Tour boats are often a fun way to explore an area while you are on vacation. And while they can be fun, if the company responsible for the tour doesn't take safety seriously, these boat tours can turn catastrophic quickly. Learn more about the serious dangers of boat tours and how to avoid them from Texas Attorney Russell Button of The Button Law Firm

Boat Tours on Vacation

If you've ever been on a boat tour, you know it could be a great way to see a city from a unique perspective, or even get in on experience in wildlife on the water. No matter where you go. It's good to know how to stay safe onboard, as there are many rules these boating companies need to follow to keep you and your loved ones safe.

First, check the weather and look for signs of high wind and heavy rain. Some of the most catastrophic tour boat wrecks have happened because the captain and tour boat company ignored weather conditions so they could continue selling tickets. This disregard for safety has led to many preventable deaths.

And second, be sure the company has provided you and your family with properly fitted lifejackets. If they don't have enough for everyone on board, it's a red flag and a violation of the law. It means they're trying to sell as many tickets as possible and throwing safety right out the window.

Other things you may want to pay attention to because it looks like their boats are maintained and cared for. Read reviews. Do people who previously took those tours say they had any safety concerns? Unfortunately, not every boat tour company takes safety seriously. And it can lead to life-altering injuries or even death.

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