Kids getting picked up from daycare. It seems like a routine thing. But one mistake can change a kid's life forever. So how do daycares ensure that the right person is picking up the right child? Daycares are supposed to follow safety rules from the state to ensure that unauthorized people don't pick up children.

The safety checklist that every daycare should use to prevent unauthorized pickups is:

  • First, daycares must ask parents for all information for people that are authorized to pick up their child from daycare. That includes their name, driver's license number and phone number.
  • Second, when someone does come to pick up a child, the daycare staff must check the child's file to see if that person is listed as an authorized pickup person.
  • And third, the daycare must check the person's ID to make sure it matches the information on file.

This list is simple, and it'll prevent kids from going home with the wrong people. Allowing unapproved people to pick up a child poses an extreme danger to the child, and that's why there's measures in place to prevent this.

It's not hard to imagine all of the horrific things that can happen to children when they go home with unapproved people:

  • sexual assault
  • kidnapping that leads to human trafficking
  • abduction
  • physical and psychological abuse
  • death

If you did everything right and they still released your child to an unauthorized person, contact the police immediately and report your child is missing. Second, call the Department of Family and Protective Services to allow the state to investigate and hold the daycare accountable.

If your child was picked up by an unauthorized person and was injured, whether physically sexually or psychologically, you may need an attorney. Don't hesitate to reach out to us even if you just have questions. We're here to help you and your family keep moving forward.