Car Insurance Requirements in Texas

Even though drivers in Texas have to have car insurance to drive on the roads, the state's requirements are very low. The minimum amount of coverage in Texas is $30,000. Now, that may seem like a lot to some people, but it pales in comparison to the devastation that's caused by a life-altering injury.

Let me give you an example. We had a client who chose not to get underinsured motorist coverage, he was hit by a driver, that had the state minimum $30,000. He had his leg amputated because of the wreck, and it left him unable to work and unable to support himself. He only received $30,000 from the guy who hit him. Now $30,000--it didn't even cover a fraction of what his bills were from the injury that he had. If you think about it, he had hospital bills, follow-up doctor visits, medical equipment he needed for everyday life, and just as regular living expenses.

Why Should I get Underinsured Motorist Coverage on My Auto Insurance Policy

We recommend that you add underinsured motorist coverage to your auto policy. They can make a world of difference if you're hit by an underinsured driver. You may be wondering if you have enough coverage. One of the services that our team offers is a free review of your insurance policy, where we're going to take a look at not just what you have but what your family may need. We do this because we feel it's just one more way that we get to make a difference in our community.

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